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Sexiest in Nollywood : Who Rules

Posted by Ayo Onikoyi on 2008/08/17 | Views: 10291 |

Sexiest in Nollywood : Who Rules

There was a bit of a goof from me last week, but somehow in retrospect, it must have been something I did subconsciously deliberately, hoping you, our dear readers, would nail me for it.

There was a bit of a goof from me last week, but somehow in retrospect, it must have been something I did subconsciously deliberately, hoping you, our dear readers, would nail me for it.

But I got no knocking, not even one from the 2,471 texts and mails that came to me this week. My goof is forgetting to let you in onto the goodies that await you, the readers, in this ongoing quest for the SEXIEST NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS 2008.

Vanguard Media Limited, moved and driven by the passion the readers have shown in the quest, has decided to reward some of you with mouth-watering gifts ranging from a Hard disc player to portable CD Player. Now, why am I sounding off like the obsolete gramophone? A whole glittering half-page promo is placed on the right side of this one million-buck centre-spread to tell you all you have to do to grab it. Buy a copy of Vanguard, tear off the coupon, vote your choice and mail to the address shown in the promo. You can send it to any Vanguard office in your area or state. Jesus wept! Am I going to get on my knees to beg people to win prizes? Hell, no!

Now to the business at hand, last week, a total of 3,505 votes came in but 320 were duds, either because they were multiple votes, irrelevant votes or crank votes, so, only 3,185 counted for the contestants. Remember, Genevieve ruled last week with 1,305 votes, followed by Ini Edo with 1,144 and Mercy Johnson with 736 in that order. That brought the total votes on this quest to 12,328 votes.

With 2,471 votes received this week, the total votes received so far from the very beginning stands at 14,799 votes. The most amazing thing about this contest is that the votes have not only come from every nook and cranny of Nigeria but has also sailed in from Nigerians in Diaspora! England, Ireland, Denmark and Italy, you name it.

So, who rules this week? Ini Edo bounced back to lead this week of course. She showed she has still got some fight in her by muscling up 671 votes to lead Genevieve Nnaji with 558 and Mercy Johnson, yet slipping behind more and more with 539 votes in that order. What bothers me anyway is the way our readers continue to vote severally to rig in their favourite star.

Like I said before, we entertain only one vote per person per week. Stop wasting your credit to vote more than once! The total number of votes that were cancelled this week because they are multiple votes is 703. I don’t want to embarrass anyone by publishing names and numbers but, please stop, in the name of fairness.

On SEXIEST ACTOR IN NOLLYWOOD, readers have been nominating Ramsey Noah, Vanviker, Mike Ezuruonye and Pat Attah. You can begin to send in your nomination for men along with your choice of the SEXIEST ACTRESS IN NOLLYWOOD. Anyway, the battle rages on, on this SEXIEST ACTRESS IN NOLLYWOOD. Here are some of the messages this week. Read on:


INI EDO 1. Hi, there’s no argument that Ini is the sexiest girl in Nollywood because everything about her is sexy. Talk about her V shape, her face or her backside. So many people go crazy seeing her on screen or inside magazines. I caution myself a lot not to get carried away, God has really blessed her. Her sexy hot legs and face are enough to get people running into all sorts of pornographic thoughts.
Rikon Bals, Ekiti, 08072612576

2. I’m just reading a copy of today’s Vanguard (last week) and just realised that I am not the only one being flashed irritatingly! Ever since I voted for Ini Edo, I have made friends with some. There was this particular girl that called and asked if Ini was with me that she would love to sleep with her! I was dumbfounded! I just told her I would call her back and as regards today (last week), I am not happy that Genevieve is number one. Being cute doesn’t mean sexy. Being sexy is exuding and gesticulating sex appeal. Being sexy is Ini Edo.
Tino, Abuja, 08070812700

3. All the girls are cool, God took time to decorate them, and in as much as I cast my vote for Ini Edo, this doesn’t mean she should go nude on screen, her body is God’s temple. She has what it takes to be at the top, steps, diction and natural beauty.
Ab.Isong, Akwa Ibom, 08056388234

4. Let us be sincere, Ini Edo is the queen of Nollywood, the princess of Nollywood. That girl you are seeing has the sexiest body, eyes, boobs, in short she is too much. Her body can cure malaria and other sicknesses. But when it comes to love-making, it’s like heaven on earth. I love her so much and if I can reach her, she will be the mother of my children.

5. Ini Edo, you are the best, carry go my baby.
Princess, from Italy

6. As far as I am concerned, Ini Edo is Nollywood’s sexiest. God took time to create that damsel, I can proudly say that because I gave him some hint while he was at it especially from her waist down. In simple language, INI RULES!!!!!!!!!
Enzo, Festac, Lagos, 08053036270.

7. Wao! Ini Edo is on board, no rival. With her sexy eyes coupled with boisterous ‘backyard,’ her magnetic boobs, Edo, na you biko.
Adibor, Warri, 08053060899

8. Ini Edo is undisputedly the sexiest actress in Nollywood. Her looks and figure embodies all that is sexy.
Daromosu, Kaduna, 08029589283

9. When you talk of sexiness without mentioning Ini Edo, you truly have not started. Check out her body structure, her eyes, nose and lips. Ini Edo will do. Genevieve can never stand Ini.

10. Ini is the best any time, any day, Mercy Johnson might have a good figure but she can never measure up to the poise and beauty of Ini. Genevieve is short and should be evicted. Go Ini, you are the best.


GENEVIEVE NNAJI1. I reside in California and I see these movies with my parents and I can say Genevieve has no competition when it comes to sexy. It’s seriously hilarious to me that Mercy whatever is being compared to Genevieve. I think people have to understand what it means to be sexy; being sexy isn’t just about having a big butt, extra large hips and double D boobs. Sexiness is a way of mind, the way you carry yourself, and of course, physical looks. Now Genny possesses all that, she’s beautiful, elegant, charismatic, most talented Nollywood actress I can think of, she’s moderately eloquent, physically fit and classy. Ini Edo on the other hand, isn’t classy at all, no offence to her but she wears cheap outfits, plays cheap roles, looks kinda disgusting in her movies. When she cries she keeps licking off her nose drool. She also dresses like a circus clown, she has no colour coordination when it comes to dressing and in my opinion, she needs to get speech therapy or at least work on her speech because her grammatical errors have become unbearable. I would pick Genevieve and Omotola 2nd. How Mercy got to the list is what puzzles me.
Ifunanya Nnoka,

2. Genny is the sexiest; she will never lose her figure even after 10 children unlike these fat babes you are comparing her with.
MG, Okigwe, 08030624917

3. Guys don’t get it at all. Genny’s being sexy is transparent enough even through her decent outfit. An angel with voluptuous hips, succulent body, super succulent lips. Only her smooth spotless skin is superb enough to arouse a blind man when touched and her curvy shape makes her more female than other contestants like Ini Edo whose shadow can be mistaken for that of a man because she’s shapeless like an amoeba. Mercy is too clumsy and weighty with busty breasts which are only meant for seduction. Genny is just cute, she doesn’t need to expose herself. She’s been the sexiest even before Ini and Mercy were discovered. Jokes apart, she’s the best, I can fantasize her booty and get all watery.

4. Guys, we all can see, all of them are good but Genevieve is the best. She can make an angry man feel so happy because of her natural sexy body. She is so smart and so real that every man will wish to have her. I think that Nollywood will give her the no one position.
Samuel Uche, DENMARK ,004527438299

5. Genny is the sexiest in Nollywood, check out the legs, is it the sexy eyes or shape which is what sexy is all about? Beauty is not being sexy. Omosexy, I hail you for that, you are a very pretty lady, keep it on. I wish you guys luck.
Phina from California +909-528-1584.

6,Genny is the sexiest in Nollywood. Her sexy eyes, skin, sweet lips, voice, laughs and the way she walks. What more, I guess she can make a man divorce his wife just to be with her.
Brenda, Abuja, 08037399187

7. Genny is a woman male and female, young and old respect. Personally, she is my role model, she started as the sweet innocent girl next door to the sexy, classy lady any girl will aspire to become. We only know that Mercy and Ini only get roles because of the way they expose their oversized breasts so as to appeal to men. Omotola should please resign from acting and go take care of her family because her acting skills are no longer what they used to be (Imagine her role in Rihanna Vs Beyonce), very poor. Please all rise and hail Genny the Queen.
Taiwo, Benin City, 08057556683

8. Excuse me, Mr. Sexiest Editor, I wonder why matured and civilized Nigerians will be forced to answer a rhetoric question as this? Of all the planets, stars and moons of this world, despite the individual values and qualities of each, yet, can anyone compare them all with the strength, energy, illumination, constancy, radiation, uniformity, universatility and indomitable dominance of the sun? Not even the beautiful moon can rival the sun. That is the story of all other Nollywood stars versus Genevieve, my own person. Ini Edo is like the moon yet far away from the natural dominance of the sun. Gene is number one!

9. For me, Mercy Johnson is not close to being beautiful let alone hot. Besides, she has no dress sense while Ini is hot but too wild and fat for my liking. I should have given it to Dakore but since she’s not regular, let’s give it up for my slim sexy Genny.
Jennifer, 08059320928

10.Genny is the sexiest in Nigeria as a whole not only in Nollywood, she’s the atmosphere of Nigeria, the climate of Nollywood and the temperature of every man. So, why don’t we give it up to her?
Jane Mags, Kaduna,07036989072


1. I keep wondering what some people term to be sexy, it’s not all about beauty alone, it involves everything, your height, boobs, legs, lip, eyes, bum, stepping, speech, etc. Whatever you want to use as criteria, Mercy got it all and that’s the more reason she is going to go all the way to the top and win this contest. Ini and Genny are equally sexy and can wow any man anytime but Mercy goes a step further.

2. As for me, the President, National Union of Boobs Beneficiaries, Mercy Johnson is the sexiest actress in Nollywood because she’s pretty and has a perfect body posture. Even her Bakassi na baba, I fit commit for government neck because of her OJO IWAJU AND EYIN OLA
Tosin, Warri,07031841744

3.Okokobioko ee! Who wants to try Mercy? That girl na bomb. Is it her curvy lips, her drive-me-crazy booty, her succulent boobs with the ever-pointing nipples? She’s just too perfect. Mercy is my hottest and sexiest chick in Nollywood.
Mendel, Asaba, 08075712228

4. Mercy Johnson is my first. She has high sex appeal; she has got sexy eyes and lips. Even the way she talks. We are taking about the sexiest not favourite. Omotola is my 2nd followed by Genevieve. Ini Edo is just an Mgbeke feeling funky, she’s ruled out.
Mara, Benin City, 08056734018

5. Ha! Please it’s obvious that Mercy Johnson has all it takes to drive men crazy. Abeg the chick too hot, check the curves out, she’s naturally sexy, silky, and for me, she full ground
Amara, 07035036553

6. The sexiest in Nollywood that I have been longing to see or praying to see is Mercy Johnson. I don’t know how I can see her for once. She’s my love, dream of every man.
Patrick, 08052555100

7. Mercy Johnson is the sexiest girl in Nollywood. Check her boobs and her black beauty. She’s very attractive. Do not waste your credit for Genny or Ini, vote for Mercy.
Felix Adebayo, 08078775558

8.The sexiest in Nollywood is Mercy Johnson because she’s beautiful, her eyes are like those of a dove, her neck like the tower of David, her two breasts are like two young ones, the twins of a female gazelle that are feeding among the lillies. In fact, she’s the sexiest in Nollywood by far.
Okiyi Jeremiah, 08029619923

9. Mercy Johnson is the sexiest actress in Nollywood. She’s very beautiful and she’s the people’s sexiest girl. She’s tomato juice of the whole world. Watch out her movements and shape that flows with style
Nweke, Mbaukwu, 08030729088

10. Who wants to try my angel, Mercy Johnson? She’s an angel, her grab-me-tight bootilicious Barca, her steady Man U. that never loses any Cup, her-kiss-me-quick lips and adorable eyes can make the Devil beg for forgiveness from God. She’s da bomb!
Elvis, Delta, 07057179909

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