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Okotie weeps

Posted by Written by Sam Eyoboka on 2008/08/17 | Views: 3595 |

Okotie weeps

DEBONAIR preacher of the gospel, Rev. Christopher Oghenebrorie Okotie who contested the nation’s most coveted office without a prospective first lady, on Tuesday night jetted out of the country to United Arab Emirates to begin a 3-week long honeymoon with his newly wedded wife, Stephanie in tow.

DEBONAIR preacher of the gospel, Rev. Christopher Oghenebrorie Okotie who contested the nation’s most coveted office without a prospective first lady, on Tuesday night jetted out of the country to United Arab Emirates to begin a 3-week long honeymoon with his newly wedded wife, Stephanie in tow.

The twosome are expected to visit at least four countries—UAE, France, UK and USA before returning to Nigeria in the first week of September to start a new life as a couple.

Last Sunday at the Household of God Church in Oregun area of Lagos, a College of Bishops from the Pentecostal world presided over the marital conjugation between two persons who are no longer new to matrimony.

The ceremony which lasted for over four hours marked the end of several months of speculations, unconfirmed rumours and gossips about the intention of musician turned preacher and later politician, Rev. Okotie was going to remarry to a very charming divorcee, Stephanie.

The marital voyage started on Thursday at the Ikoyi home of the bride’s uncle, Senator Bassey Ewa Henshaw where both families (those of the bride and groom) gave their stamp of approval to the union via a traditional and an engagement ceremony.

For the first time in a very long while, Rev. Okotie who is mostly in suits with his ecclesiastical collar had to don himself in a traditional wrapper with a flowing traditional lace top with a Niger Delta hat to match and he looked every inch a traditional chief from the area. He had on his neck a long bead and walking stick.

There was plenty to drink and eat as the Efiks, noted for their tantalising delicacies, did not disappoint their gaily dressed Urhobo guests with richly prepared dishes. It was also another opportunity for both tribes to exhibit their cultural attires and everyone who had the opportunity to grace the occasion were thrilled.

The occasion was attended by the creme de la creme of society even when there were no formal invitations were printed and security personnel had difficulty controlling the crowd of people who wanted to catch a glimpse of what was going inside the home. It was initially conceived to be a very private ceremony, but members of the church felt otherwise and they overruled their pastor to have a lavish and laud nuptial ceremony.

The chief host, Senator Ewa Henshaw, Senator Florence Ita Giwa, Actresses Franca Brown, Elfreda Rowland, AIT’s Mitchell Obi, Songstress and sibling Loraine Okotie, among others were treated to a new brand of ‘Calabar’ hospitality.

After that traditional ceremony the couple drove off only to return to Ikoyi the next day but this time at the Ikoyi Marriage registry on Alfred Rewane Avenue to sign the dotted lines in a ceremony devoid of the pomp and pageantry of the previous day.

However, the pick of the pack was the Sunday thanksgiving service at the church. Contrary to popular expectation, Okotie drove himself in an ox-blood Mercedes Benz S 500 sedan said to be a gift from him to the wife, Stephanie.

The couple arrived the church premises at 10.17 a.m. He was dressed in a cream coloured suit with white a shirt and a white collar, while the wife was dressed in a flowered flowing dress with white emeralds round her neck.

A few minutes later, the couple was ushered through the red carpet into the church where the General-Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Bishop Joseph Ojo, General-Secretary of Lagos State CAN, Bishop George Amu, Bishop Jonas Katung who flew in from Jos in Plateau State for the 4-day event, Bishop Pat Bennett from Abuja, Rev. Segun Osinaga and Pastor Oluwadare Akinola, Bishop John Eromobor were already waiting to kick start the ceremony. They were later joined by comrade-in-arms, Pastor Tunde Bakare who drew so much applaud from the crowd of worshippers.

Strong Tower Mission’s Compassion Band as well as Explicit entertained guests at the church just as stand in comedian AY who is often referred to as Okotie’s first born thrilled the audience.

As the couple marched in gracefully, members, friends, relations, and other guests which also included popular artistes like Richard Mofe Damijo with his wife, Jumobi and their daughter, as well as Odion Iruoje who produced Okotie’s debut album, I Need Someone in the 80s roared in ecstasy shouting Praise the Lord, and Household o o o which is a familiar refrain in the Household family. Dele Momodu’s towering frame was very conspicuous too.

Shortly after their entry, Okotie mounted the rostrum to start the service. After a while, the extremely exhilarated preacher broke into a round of romantic songs for the wife who was sitting on the front role with the array of officiating ministers.

As he continued singing, he broke down in tears. He immediately drew a white face towel to dab his face, but the more he did that the more the tears flowed uncontrollably. Every attempt by him to control his emotions proved abortive, until Stephanie had to climb the upraised altar to cling on to a husband who had been overwhelmed by emotions and was on the verge of collapse.

She held him still for a brief moment before planting a kiss on his lips and almost immediately he regained strength to restart the service. He started by saying that he was the happiest man on earth, adding: “In some of the Press interviews I had earlier, I had admitted that Stephanie was married, but the Holy Spirit reminded me that that was not correct.

The lady I am marrying today is not the same lady that was married. She is brand new creature and that is why I can say here without fear of contradiction that she is virgin and I am her first husband.”

He continued to shower more encomiums on the ravishingly beautiful woman, who he said he known for 19 years when she was just about 19 years old and had admired her “little did I know that God was packaging her for me.”

Radiating joy unspeakable, Okotie acknowledged that first marriage which was consummated when he was barely 24, failed because both of them were inexperienced, vowing that with all the years of tutelage he had garnered he would adore Stephanie for the rest of his life.

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