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DROWN: Ogun River claims family of five in boat mishap

Posted by By MOSHOOD ADEBAYO, Abeokuta on 2008/08/14 | Views: 1256 |

DROWN: Ogun River claims family of five in boat mishap

It was a tragic end for a family of five in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital last Wednesday as they all got drowned in Ogun River .

It was a tragic end for a family of five in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital last Wednesday as they all got drowned in Ogun River .

The victims, who included a pregnant woman, two school children and two others, were members of the family of a popular food vendor at the Lafenwa abattoir before they met their untimely death in the river.

Daily Sun learnt that the deceased drowned in the middle of the river when their boat capsized.
The boatman, simply identified as Tajudeen, who also died in the mishap, was said to be a Senior Secondary School leaver.
The unfortunate incident came in the midst of water scarcity in the ancient town due to a damage to the state water corporation’s equipment.

Efforts by professional divers and the state fire service to save the victims were fruitless.
It was reliably gathered that the boat which normally carried eight passengers was compelled to carry 12, as it was the last trip for the day.
Few minutes after the boat capsized, four of the passengers were rescued by divers, while another passenger was said to have swum to safety, except the five that drowned.
Family members of one of the victims, identified as Ismaila who was said to have turned 30 years the day before he drowned, were seen at the river bank lamenting the death of their brother.
Hundreds of people including the Chairman of the Abeokuta North Local Government area also besieged the river bank with the hope of rendering assistance that was too late.

This is not the first time that the river would claim casualties. Only last year, no fewer than four persons died in similar circumstance. There was also an incident about few years back when Iya Kabirat who drowned in the river was saved three days after she hung on to a tree.
“It is my prayer that Ismaila and others would be saved”, an aged woman, Mrs.Aderinola told Daily Sun amidst tears, saying that the boy had requested a birthday gift from his mother a day before he drowned.
But on the third day when the bodies of the unfortunate victims were found, it was wailing by family members and friends as their bodies were discovered near the second bridge (close to the residence of former President Olusegun Obasanjo).

“This is an unfortunate incident. It is great calamity to us as families of these unfortunate people who drowned in the river. Even now that their bodies have been recovered, they would be buried at the bank of this river. That’s Yoruba tradition and nobody dares go against it”, a traditionalist who was contracted to offer assistance told Daily Sun.

Meanwhile, residents of Abeokuta have been warned not to go near the river, particularly during the rainy season. Handing down the warning was an official of the fire service, Mr. Joseph Biobaku after visiting the river bank.
"It is in your own interest that you should not go near the river. Not only because of this unfortunate incident, but because the river has over flown its bank. During this period, anything can happen. That's why I am appealing to our people not to go near the river. To be forewarned, is to be forearmed. This is my advice and I hope our people would heed it."

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