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Abians condemn attack on Abia governor's convoy

Posted by From MATTHIAS NWOGU - Umuahia and CHUKS ONUOHA - Aba on 2008/07/24 | Views: 1951 |

Abians condemn attack on Abia governor's convoy

The attack on the convoy of the Abia State Governor, Dr. Theodore Orji along the Aba-Port Harcourt Road on Tuesday morning has elicited condemnation across the state.

The attack on the convoy of the Abia State Governor, Dr. Theodore Orji along the Aba-Port Harcourt Road on Tuesday morning has elicited condemnation across the state. Daily Sun features reactions from a cross-section of inhabitants of the state on the incident. The reactions are presented below:
Chief Ezebunwa Chidi Ubani, Chairman, Ugwunagbo Local Govt
The attack, as you know, is a condemnable act. Some say that they are armed robbers while others said that they were assassins. Whichever group that is involved in this dastardly act does not have any good intention. If the life of the chief executive of a state is not safe, even in the midst of the heavy security that follows him, then we should weep for the ordinary man in our midst.

Dan Ezeagwu, Newspaper Vendor
This calls for a rethink and complete review of our security system .We learnt that their firepower was more than that of the police. We thank God that they did not succeed in what ever they wanted, be it assassination or robbery. Imagine a situation where the governor of a state is assassinated or abducted. That would have amounted to total chaos in this state. Something should be done fast to bring the perpetrators to book.

Ambrose Nwachukwu, Journalist, NUJ Vice Chairman South East zone
It is a great embarrassment to the citizens of Abia State and to the peace-loving and friendly governor. It is not what Abians should experience in this 21 century when people are concerned to fly to the next level of development. It should be condemned by all Abians. Violence is an ill-wind that blows no one any good. It should not be contemplated at all as a means of achieving a means.
Whichever group that carried out the attack, whether assassins or armed robbers, stand condemned totally. The fact that the attempt was on the governor's convoy should be condemned and it should not have been carried out by any right thinking person.

It makes it an insult on the Abia people that the governor's convoy was attacked. The attack is also an attack on the state as the governor is the representative of the state. Everybody should be rise to condemn the attack. It also raises the issue of security in the state.

Sir C. O. Nzeako KSM, Businessman
That attack was unthinkable. I wept for my state. It was uncalled for and we don't see it as a good omen for this state. As far as I am concerned, it was a planned attack on the governor and his entourage and from what we heard, the sophistication of the weapons they used showed that they meant business in what they came out to do. We are calling for an in-depth investigation to fish out the culprits. This is not a question of the police saying that they are investigating. They must use all the apparatus available to them to fish out those who carried out this assault on the governor and the state. It must not be allowed to lie low.

I must say that I do not know whether the attack was carried out by armed robbers or assassins, or whether it was politically motivated, but all I know is that it was carried out in bad faith. I repeat, it was uncalled for. We should not degenerate to that level in this state where the governor's convoy can be attacked for any reason whatsoever. Everybody should condemn it.

Royal Bonavencho Onyekachi, Trader
I see the whole thing as a political set-up. It is a problem our leaders are facing from their opponents, but one thing I know is that with God on the side of the governor, nothing would happen to him. Our leaders should learn to tolerate one another. I also think that the security was weak. The governor's security should not allow the enemy to come so close to have the opportunity to shoot at his vehicle or those following him. It must be a political set-up.

We thank God that the enemy did not succeed in what they planned or else, the whole of Abia would have been mourning and would have been the first state that would have had its governor assassinated or killed by armed robbers as the case may be.

Engr. Kinglsey Asuoha, Industrial Engineer
It is an unhealthy development. I am sad that it is happening in our own state. From what the governor said, it could be traced to his opponents. The incident is a sign of security decay in the state and in the country in general. Security should be beefed up not only for those in authority, but the common man in the street. Security is one of the basic dividends the populace should reap from any administration. If the governor can be attacked, who then is free?

As to who carried it out, I still hold what I heard from the radio that it was carried out by men of the underworld. It is left for the police and the security agencies to determine who carried out this evil act against the state. Until then, whatever any person says, may be mere speculation, but I must say that the incident is condemnable and should be condemned by all.

Mr Uwandu Onyenakom, Legal Practitioner
The shooting of the governor's convoy is a very sad development. It goes to underscore the level of insecurity that has been witnessed in Abia State in the past few months. If this could happen to the governor in his own state, then, what is the fate of the ordinary citizens when the governor should have the best security in this state? One cannot really say who carried out the attack, but the sophistication of the arms and ammunition reportedly used, suggests that a band of criminals were let loose on highly-placed citizen of Abia State.

There is need for an overhaul of the security apparatus in Abia State. I recommend that a high-powered enquiry on the incident be set up because it is suggestive of a security breach in the protocol machinery of the governor.

It is a sad development, and no matter the kind of politics we play, the governor is our number one citizen. His safety is of paramount interest. In fact, I did not sleep well when I heard that our governor was attacked. No matter the political differences or disagreements, nobody should go to that level.
I don't believe it is political. It might have been carried out by a band of criminals. The Commissioner of Police should look into it and map out strategy to combat criminal elements who have found the state as a sanctuary. Our security system has become very porous.

Mr. Godwin Okeke, Okada Rider
We were not happy when we heard of the attack on the governor's convoy. I must say that no Okada rider was happy. It was bad for anybody for any reason to have planned and carried out an attack on the governor's convoy. This is strange, because what we used to hear is that armed robbers robbing on our roads run away when they hear the siren of the governor coming, but in this case, they stayed put and fired on the convoy for such a long time. This shows that they were prepared and were waiting for the convoy.

The incident shows that there is no security in the state. It shows that neither the common man nor the highly placed is safe in the state. I cannot say that it was carried out by armed robbers or assassins, but one thing is clear, the action is condemnable. The police should rise up and give us security in this state.

Miss Nkeiru Ihekire, Civil Servant
I condemn the attack very seriously. Our governor does not deserve it. In my opinion, the governor has been doing well. He has changed the face of Abia State. He has caused workers to smile. They should allow him to continue. Even if anybody does not like him, must he be killed because of accumulated grievances? Governor Orji is accommodating and prepared to discuss with anybody on any vexing issue.
I cannot say exactly who carried out the attack, but all I say is that the attack was carried out in bad faith and should be condemned by every citizen. My suggestion is that the governor should overhaul his security apparatus.

Chinyereze Enwere, Surveyor
What happened on Tuesday was an embarrassment. If they had succeeded, it would have been a dent on the image of the people of Abia State. Abia should not, as God's own state, be cited as an example where the governor was killed. I've not heard the full details of the story, but I know that whoever carried it out must be among the bad eggs in the state that do not see anything good in any government.
This is a political era and there are opponents, but the governor and his opponents are from Abia State and should therefore see themselves as brothers. In Igbo land, we don't stand to kill anybody who we can be called to bury. It is a taboo. Let our politicians know that they should not go to that level of killing one another as we are all brothers.

The security is not what it should be in the state. The police are performing below expectations. They should stand up and do their duty of providing security for everybody. I cannot say that I know the group that carried it out, but all I want to say is that our politicians should be able to tolerate themselves and know that we are brothers, so that if anything like this happens, nobody would be suspected.

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