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My Husband Made Me Insane:’It’s Not True’—Husband

Posted by Paul Dada, Azubuike Chinasa, Nyong Charity, & Fadugba Akanni on 2008/07/21 | Views: 2002 |

My Husband Made Me Insane:’It’s Not True’—Husband

There was drama at Agege, Lagos, last Friday when a 30-year-old woman accused her husband of using semen from her private parts to render her insane.

There was drama at Agege, Lagos, last Friday when a 30-year-old woman accused her husband of using  semen from her private parts to render her insane.

P.M.News leant that the woman, who gave her name as Seki, had just given birth to a baby when she became mentally deranged.

She revealed that 15 days after she gave birth, her husband, Mufutau Yahaya, had sex with her at their 30, Abeokuta Street, Sango, residence, and used a white handkerchief to collect semen from her  vagina.

“On that Sunday, my husband had sex with me. After that, he used a white handkerchief to rub my private part. He vowed to kill me if I told anybody. Suddenly, I started behaving abnormally,” she told P.M.News.

She disclosed that after she took ill, her husband took her to a Muslim cleric at Sango for treatment, but the cleric could not restore her sanity.

But the husband, Mufutau Yahaya, a commercial vehicle driver, denied his wife’s allegation. Mufutau who burst into tears while discussing with P.M.News said, “It is true that I had sex with my wife on that day. But I didn’t rub her sexual organ with any handkerchief. How can I do this when I have just become a father for the first time in my life.

“I just observed that my wife started behaving strangely. I had to take her to an Alfa (Muslim cleric) at Sango so that she could be cured. But I couldn’t afford the charges. I later took her to another traditional healer, but before he completed the job, the mother took her to another place,” he stated.

The relatives of Seki were annoyed that Mufutau denied the allegation. They told P.M.News that Mufutau was responsible for his wife’s loss of mental health because his attitude to his wife’s illness was unbecoming of a caring husband.  They said while Seki was suffering, Mufutau was non-challant and he took the baby away from her.

The traditional healer, where Seki was taken to by her relatives, Chief Adelani Onifade, of 3, Bakare Jafojo Street, Agege, said there was enough reason to suspect Mufutau.

“The lady was so abnormal when they brought her to me. At a point, she was totally out of control. Now, she is getting better, but she is not healed yet.

“Her private part was so bloated. This makes me believe that the husband was responsible. If he does not confess and disclose where he kept the handkerchief, the lady will die” said Chief Onifade.

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