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Pregnant & rejected by banker-lover, kicked out by parents

Posted by By SAMUEL OLATUNJI on 2008/07/15 | Views: 3241 |

Pregnant & rejected by banker-lover, kicked out by parents

Gbeminiyi is only eighteen but she is already a mother of one, and now six months heavy with the second.

Gbeminiyi is only eighteen but she is already a mother of one, and now six months heavy with the second. Of course, the two babies would have different fathers. As a student, Gbeminiyi’s career was punctured in SS2, at the age of 15, when she was put in the family way by her brother’s friend. Prior to that time, Gbeminiyi was what every good girl should be.

She always came tops in her class, obedient and hardworking. All of a sudden she changed, when she met this guy who asked her out. She would defy orders and sneak out of home to see the guy. Thus her attention shifted from education to fleeting pleasure. Consequently her world began to collapse.

Narrating her ordeal to Sunday Sun recently, Gbeminiyi said: “I started sneaking out of school and my mum who was working in the school did not suspect anything. It was there I started losing concentration in my studies, my teachers started complaining.”

Matter came to a head when she lied to her mum that she was visiting her aunt. To the latter, Gbeminiyi also lied that she was visiting her dad, only to end up in her boyfriend’s bed. Her aunt, who had earlier warned her, traced her to the guy’s place and took her home. Acting like someone who is possessed, Gbeminiyi sneaked out of home in the dead of the night, and returned to the guy’s house.
“It was then that he tried to deflower me but it was painful, so we let things be. But when I turned 14 we had sex in December that year and by January 1, discovered that I was pregnant.”
Gbeminiyi hid the pregnancy for about three months until her aunt, again, drew the attention of her unsuspecting mother to the young girl’s situation.

Pregnancy test
At the lab, Gbemi was confirmed to be pregnant, but she still succeeded in deceiving her mum. She told her that the lab scientist said she was only getting fatter. But when it was obvious that she was pregnant, her sister scolded her and arranged for an abortion. But before the dawn of the day Gbeminiyi ran away. “I was afraid of abortion. I preferred to have the baby instead,” she says.
That ended her educational pursuit. She refused all entreaties to go and write her final examination. “I was ashamed,” she told Sunday Sun in an interview.

Didn’t she think of pregnancy before jumping into bed with a man? “It was peer pressure,” she confessed. Her mother rented a house for her at Ijebu, in Ogun State, where she had a baby boy, Oreofejesu (Grace of Jesus). The father of the boy who is still under his parent’s guidance, accepted responsibility. Ever since, his parents have been sending money periodically to Gbeminiyi’s mum for the boy’s upkeep. The school-boy-father has since entered Bell University to continue his education, leaving behind the mother of his son.

No lesson learnt
While still raising her child, Gbeminiyi fell for another temptation. One Oluwatosin (surname withheld), a 33-year-old man who works with UBA in Ijebu Ode, suddenly appeared in her life. Oluwatosin, she claimed, came with financial support. Her mother warned her against what she described as Greek gift. She said the guy might be after something. And true to her elderly counsel, Tosin asked her out the very day her child Oreofejesu clocked one year.

Only a little pressure from Tosin and Gbemi’s legs went wide apart, welcoming him. In December last year, Gbeminiyi missed her period. She became agitated and promptly told the guy. He accepted responsibility for a while. Gbeminiyi was sent out of the house by her recuperating mother who had been struck by a stroke earlier in the year. With a facial expression devoid of emotion, she says, “my mother says she cannot take care of my one-year-old child and I at the same time.”

Gbeminiyi moved in with her lover at Ijebu but after a while, the guy made a U-turn, saying he could not have been the only one sleeping with her. But Gbemi shrugged off the allegation: “I don’t sleep with two guys at the same time. If I’m dating a guy, I stay with that guy for better for worse,” Gbemi vowed.
He advised Gbeminiyi to go get an abortion. When she refused, the guy allegedly sent her packing. Before now, she had fallen out of favour with her parents. So where does Gbemi go?
Worse of all, the guy who put her in the family way had told her point-blank: Leave my house, you are too young for me.

Recounted Gbemi: “He told me that I’m too small for him and that he is in love with someone else, a nurse by name Tunrayo (surname withheld by us).
Curiously, she wasn’t too small for him when they were sleeping.
Today Gbemi is in a fix: Her siblings do not want to see her, nor her father who already has another wife.

Once daddy’s pet
“My father used to like me a lot, but when I got pregnant he was disappointed because his plan was for me to go abroad as soon as I finished secondary school. All my half-brothers and sisters are abroad. He disowned and told me to stay away from him.”

Nollywood dreams
For now Gbemi has nowhere to go but she is still full of dreams. “I believe this pregnancy will not affect my body much. I have small stature and if I have a good job I can take care of my children with or without a man,” she says with optimism.
She continues: “I want to be an actress. I believe I have the gift and talent to act. And I will still go to school. Though I don’t know how, I know that it will surely happen.”

Mother’s share of the blame
Though Gbeminiyi’s mother was working in her school, she failed in one aspect of motherly role. For instance, she failed to rise to the occasion when her daughter was reported to be sneaking out of school to see her boyfriend. Even when her attention was drawn to the possibility of getting pregnant, she simply sent Gbemi to the laboratory for test, without accompanying her.

Irresponsible banker
Oluwatosin, the guy responsible for the second pregnancy is obviously shameless and irresponsible.
Clouded by erotic passion, he romped the girl without hindrance, but now that her tummy has bulged, he has literally lost his erection.



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