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Can you beat this!

Posted by By JOE EFFIONG, Uyo on 2008/06/17 | Views: 1486 |

Can you beat this!

If somebody tells you that with just N1000 only, you can make free calls with your present GSM phone for life what would be your reaction?

If somebody tells you that with just N1000 only, you can make free calls with your present GSM phone for life what would be your reaction?

It sounds incredible; but the Managing Director of Money Farm, a marketing network company, Mr. Bassey Akapettim says it is not only possible but real. In fact, Akpaettim, an Uyo based legal practitioner, says soon, it would be old fashioned for literate and business-conscious people to buy recharge card in the street whereas there is a more convenient means of loading the GSM phones free of charge and still possibly get paid for it.

Modus Operandi
According to Akpaettim, this is how the system works. "With the assistance of information and communication technology tools - handset and internet, we’ll sell recharge cards of all GSM networks online to our customers anytime, anywhere in Nigeria. These customers, in turn, assist us to sell to seven other customers each who sell to seven other each. Thus our effort and those of our customers are duplicated.

"With this, Money Farm has launched itself into the mainstream of recharge cards distributorship in Nigeria and in the process we make huge profit and therefore share these with our customers for their assistance by way of free calls and compensation. A member must register with a one-time sum of N1000. He or she must recruit seven other active persons. These seven persons must also recruit seven other active persons each and it continues that way. The amount involved is just N1000 each."

No Scam; No wonder Bank
Akpaettim insists that the networking, which some banks in Nigeria have now adopted to get more customers and rake in funds, is not a scam or wonder bank, but a new member has 30 days to recruit his seven members else his name would be suspended from the system.
He said: "After recruiting the seventh person and monitoring his down line, he is entitled to N5, 000 airtime credit. But N4, 000 worth will be sent directly through SMS to his registered phone number or to his e-mail box from which he will load his phone. Of the N1, 000 deducted, N100 will be used to boost the next month and the balance of N900 is saved in the farm’s barn. It continues that way till the 12th month. Thus in the first year, a member’s entitlement is N60,000.

Corn, Pineapple, and Apple Phases
There are so many products (or is it produce?) in the Money Farm. They are corn, pineapple and apple, which equally describes the level a customer attends as each year rolls over. While a customer in the first year is the corn phase, which qualifies him for the N60,000 mentioned earlier, he automatically graduates into the pineapple phase from the second year; that is, from the 13th month, which qualifies him to earn a total of N600,000 spread into N50,000 a month at a ratio of 6:4 for physical cash and airtime credit respectively. The apple phase being the highest in the farm kicks off at the beginning of the third year with the customer earning a total of N2million spread into N166, 666 per month in the ratio of 6:4 for cash and airtime credit respectively. All this is without any additional payment apart from the initial N1000.

Special features
Akpaettim, showing evidence of hundreds of customers who have embraced the free calls Money Farm since it was introduced a few months ago, told Daily Sun that what makes the concept stands out from the rest of the network marketing are its legal protection, affordability, accessibility and simplicity which does not tie somebody to computer like others.
"There is a well structured plan in place; we need only 960,779 Nigerians to participate. There are entry and exit points. There is no possibility of collapsing because by our well structured plan; we have put enough wedge on ground. Our products will solve very hard and biting poverty.

Money back guarantee
"With our glass account system, the risk is absolutely zero; there is no way one can lose even one kobo. If you do your part as directed but we fail to do ours, we usually refund money in full with unreserved apologies to our customers. Those who did business with us in our experimental stages can testify to this fact.

"Every customer is a winner in Money Farm. Ours is not a promo, lottery or a game of chance. We are specific as to timing and amount involved. As you complete your cycle of seven active persons, you are automatically a Money Farm card holder with varying benefits. As the cycle completes with upgrading to pineapple and apple stages, you are entitled to a total of N2,660,000."
The Money Farm boss says they are out to finally nail poverty but added to GSM users. "The choice is yours – either to continue flashing or to make free air time.

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