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I swear, Farida can even arrest me

Posted by By BASHIR UMAR, GODWIN TSA & ATI TERKULA, Abuja on 2008/06/08 | Views: 2561 |

I swear, Farida can even arrest me

If anybody would have a soft spot while tempering justice with ‘favour’, naturally that person is most likely to give that ‘favour’ to his wife or husband, as the case may be.

• –Waziri, husband of new EFCC boss
• We’ll smoke out corrupt Nigerians —Farida

If anybody would have a soft spot while tempering justice with ‘favour’, naturally that person is most likely to give that ‘favour’ to his wife or husband, as the case may be.

But Alhaji Adamu Waziri has said that his wife, Farida Waziri, the new EFCC boss, would never dish out such favour if he found himself in a criminal mess.

In an exclusive chat with Sunday Sun immediately after Mrs Waziri’s steamy screening by the Senate, her husband disclosed: “The Farida I know would never spare me if I commit an economic crime, because she always separates official assignment from matrimonial duties, and I am talking about what I know.”

The Second Republic Senator, who was a former Deputy Inspector General of Police and immediate past Nigerian Ambassador to Turkey stated confidently that given the necessary free hand, his wife “will surely sanitize this country and those with skeletons in their cupboard would be transformed to saints or be sentenced.” Excerpts:

Reaction to Farida Waziri’s appointment
I wish my wife good luck and success. I also wish her job will benefit the nation. I hope the confidence in her will make the evil ones run away. I pray God will guide and lead her in such a manner that all that she does will transform the nation into a better place to live in.

You know Farida more than any other Nigerian.
Yes. I am her husband for decades.

Do you think she can handle the job?
I believe she can handle even more than this, because I know her courage, determination, integrity, intelligence and her capacity. I am absolutely sure she can do it. I’m very sure.

What if she fails?
I know she will not (and) I pray she will never fail. My confidence in Farida is not just because she is my wife. I am also a seasoned detective. I have been in the CI.D (Criminal Investigation Department) and then in the police legal department for many years before I ventured into politics and went to the Senate.

Do you think if your wife finds something fishy about you as a diplomat and politician, she has the guts to pounce on you?
Why not? She should do it. It is her job. I want you to know that this is not the first time she is engaged in this kind of assignment and her record is amazingly unique and terrific for anybody to see and appreciate. She did it for almost seven years in the (police) special fraud unit, handling 419 cases, fraud and embezzlement.

Are you clean from all these yourself?
Absolutely, we were together in the job.

You were never found guilty of anything?
Never! I know crime and criminals and I know how to escape criminal activities.
Meanwhile, Farida Waziri said the Commission under her would smoke out Corrupt Nigerians from their hiding places for the purpose of prosecuting them within the ambit of the law.
Speaking after her inauguration by the Attorney General of the federation and minister of Justice, Chief Michael l Aondoakaa [SAN] on Friday, the new EFCC boss reinforced her earlier position that “there will be no sacred cow in the war against corruption.

While regretting that the hydra-headed monster has eaten deep into the fabric of the nation, the retired Assistant inspector General of police disclosed that the anti- graft body would internally focus its beam light on the financial activities of public and private sectors, “with a view to reaching the roots of the crimes, without fear or favour.”

According to her, “the mandate conferred on this board today admits of no further patience or tolerance. Culprits, whoever they are and whatever position they hold will face the full wrath of justice.
“I equally call on those who contemplate the commission of any economic and financial crimes to desist forthwith. The risk is too high to take. There is no hiding place either at home or abroad.

“Internally we will focus our searchlight on the financial activities of public and private sectors, with a view to reaching the rots of the crimes, without fear or favour. There will be no sacred cow, and our duties will be conducted in such a manner to justify the confidence Mr. President repose on us. We shall do all it takes to justify this confidence.”

Mrs. Waziri who vowed to discharge her assignment within the purview of the constitution noted “in discharging our assignment our professionalism, courage, daring, endurance and respect for the rule of law will remain the hallmark of our members, where ever we maybe.

Our government believes firmly in the principles of democracy, premise on the rule of law and the guarantee for fundamental human rights. It is imperative therefore, while discharging our functions, as contained in the EFCC Act 2004 and money laundering Act 2004, we will adhere strictly to the provisions of the Nigerian constitution, regarding the right to personal liberty- arrest and detention of accused persons.”

Earlier, the Attorney–General of the federation, Chief Aondoakaa, noted that the tenets of the rule of law must be strictly adhered to in waging a meaningful and successful war against corruption.
The minister charged the new board of the EFCC to live up to their responsibilities by relentlessly prosecuting the war against corruption to a logical conclusion.

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