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Cowbell our milk has been around the coast since the early 1990s. And it has continued to deliver fantastic quality in affordable pack prices.

We have reliable quality at an affordable price - Chief Keith Richards, Managing Director, Promasidor Nigeria

How long has Promasidor and its brands been in the market and how well are they doing?
Cowbell our milk has been around the coast since the early 1990s. And it has continued to deliver fantastic quality in affordable pack prices.

Politicians talk about the Nigeria economy doing well, but as we all know ordinary people on the streets are still struggling. The price of rice has increased from N5, 500.00 to N13, 000.00 per bag. We also know that the prices of other commodities like Garri and Kerosene keep going up but we have been maintaining the price of our 10grammes sachets for a long time. We intend to keep it that way so that we meet the needs of our consumers that are on the milk side.

Onga has been in the market since about 2004. Already, itís making significant in roads into the seasonings market. It is an innovative new package delivering a quality taste and aroma and Nigerian consumers are responding to it very positively. So we think that we are increasingly relevant to Nigerian consumers in a time when there are concerns for quality and demand for quality at very good price.

What are the market shares of Cowbell milk and Onga seasoning?
Well the market shares are growing. We are market leaders. In the traditional markets that we have milk and brands like tea, we have very strong brands. And in the seasoning group Onga is coming up the ladder and very quickly I would say.

What is Promasidorís success formular?
I think itís a reliable quality at an affordable price.

What are the challenges of marketing Promasidor and its various brands?

Well, I think the challenges are same challenges that face everybody. If you look back to 5years or 10years ago, in most food sectors, you either have this one or that one. Now the economy is improving there are so many new entrants. New entrants whether there are local brands or traditional multinationals, new companies from other developing countries. So there is increasing competition. I think that is good for a company like Promasidor because when you face competition, it gives you an opportunity to prove that you are relevant and still a brand leader in your category.

How do you want to position Onga seasoning powder and Cowbell in the minds of your target consumers?

Well I think you know Cowbell milk has created a niche for itself. The animation family and the cartoons have won a place in the hearts of families. Cowbell milk ranges are family oriented products.
Onga seasoning powder as well is a family oriented product. All our products are focused on families. I think that is the role that Promasidor has played. Itís been showing that all our brands are positive to the health, for the enjoyment and entertainment of everyday Nigeria in the family environment.

Who are the target consumers of Cowbell milk in terms of social economic class?

Well of course, when you have this kind of products, it doesnít matter whether you are ďAje butterĒ from Ikoyi or whether you are somebody struggling in Ajegunle. You know you have quality for money. That is one thing I know about Nigerians. It doesnít matter what level you are. Whether you are in Abakaliki or Sokoto, Kastina or Keffi, you want good value, good quality. We believe we offer products that satisfy every home in Nigeria.

What is the objective of using Kate Henshaw-Nuttal as the face for Onga?

Well, Kate is a wonderful role model. She would create excitement around the brand. But you know, when you are choosing somebody to be the face of your brand, you have to be very careful. You want somebody who is exciting, young, talented and can create excitement. You want somebody who is respectable. You also find that everybody respects Kate for her professionalism. She is not proud. She doesnít make ďshakaraĒ. She is very positive. She is a mother. She comes from a part of the country which is famous in foods, so she is a perfect choice.

What would you say is your personal marketing philosophy?

I think my personal marketing philosophy is to only say what you believe and only talk about what you can justify honestly. So you need to have integrity in your marketing as you do in your personal life.

You were formerly Guinness managing director. Why did you leave Guinness?

I came to the end of my tenure so there was an opportunity to stay in Nigeria which I did. I did some work for myself. I did some writing for Business Day. I also did some Management consultancy. You know I had several offers but when Promasidor came; I saw a company that has integrity that has fantastic brands, that has great people, that has shareholders who invested in the company, so I came back into mainstream management.

Donít you think itís degrading to leave Guinness Nigeria Plc. for Promasidor Nigeria Ltd?

Na wa oh! Degrading? Are you kidding? To work with brands like Cowbell Milk, Top Tea, Onga seasoning in Nigeria is an honour. It is indeed an honour. I have been a Managing Director of IEA, Manufacturers of Trucks Soaps in Aba. I have been with John Holt Plc where I worked on great brands like Yamaha and F.G. Wilson. I was also at Guinness Nigeria Plc that also has great brands.
Now I am responsible for brands like Cowbell Milk, Top Tea and Cowbell Chocolate Milk. And in fact, Nigeria people want me to stay and work here on their brands. I think itís a great honour. And it is a responsibility. So I am absolutely delighted. Itís a great opportunity.

I would like you to share your experience in marketing Guinness and Promasidor brands?

Well there are more similarities than differences. People say to me they must be different. But it is not because when I was in Guinness my consumers you know were not the people living in high-rise flats in Ikoyi or big houses.

The big consumers in Lagos were in Agege, Mushin or Ipaja. These were the places I used to go. Now where do I go? I go to the markets. I go to Agege, I go to Ontisha, I go to Owerri,
I go to Kano. Itís same thing. Itís all about ordinary Nigerian consumers.

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Sunday Mbe(Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria)says...

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