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Haunted by strange spirit for 8 yrs, this lady says:My ordeal started @ Christ Embassy

Posted by By HENRY CHUKWURAH, Port Harcourt on 2008/05/18 | Views: 1338 |

Haunted by strange spirit for 8 yrs, this lady says:My ordeal started @ Christ Embassy

Sometime in year 2000, she wrote to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Head Pastor of Christ Embassy, to pray for her concerning a pressing health problem.

Sometime in year 2000, she wrote to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Head Pastor of Christ Embassy, to pray for her concerning a pressing health problem.

In one of the replies from Pastor Oyakhilome dated February 24, 2002, inviting her to a teaching and healing meeting titled, “Total Experience,” she was assured that “ sickness, disease, poverty, failure, everything that blinds, hurts or demeans you is no longer necessary.”

But instead of the desired divine healing, Miss Toyin Sadiku, an Accountancy graduate of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, said she got additional problems.
For the past eight years, she has been contending with a strange beast with human body and the head of a dog in her dreams. In most cases, the beast that “talks like man” tries to make love to her.

Now, the Port Harcourt-based indigene of Shagamu in Ogun State who has since dumped the church, is cursing the day she took the decision to contact Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his Christ Embassy.
“Just like Job, I curse the day I stepped into Christ Embassy and even attended its crusade.”
Narrating her ordeal during a visit to The Sun office in Port Harcourt, an embattled Toyin who said she contemplated suicide, at a stage, stated in a signed statement that her plight began after she wrote to Pastor

Oyakhilome asking him to pray for her concerning “a particular problem” that she had.
“He replied me twice. I remember how excited I was receiving his first letter because I felt an angel had replied me.
“When the beast started appearing to me initially, I took it lightly, thinking it was just a dream until it manifested before my eyes to the extent I was hearing a human voice and seeing the beast just as a human being is visible to the eyes.”
Toyin said although she had to leave the church in 2001, the nightmare has not ceased and she almost took her life.

“At a point I was almost going insane. Before my very eyes, I thought of suicide, as this affected me spiritually, physically, maritally, academically and mentally.”
She recalled that at a time, she was given a “spiritual ring” that suggested that she was married to the strange beast, a situation that is now affecting her chances of getting married.
“In the spirit realm, I had this spiritual ring that makes me look married and now people come to me for marriage but because of what I know within myself, I cannot go into marriage until I get out of this problem.”

Toyin who likened her plight to “jumping from fry pan to fire.” denied that she was merely out to blackmail the popular clergyman and the church.
“It is not a blackmail. I fear God above all and the fear of God is what is even making me to do what I am doing. Not the fear of man because man is liable to doubt, but God knows all secrets and he is the one that is giving me the go-ahead to speak out.
“I am exposing all this because God wants me to do so. For eight years, I have kept quiet and allowed what is happening to me but this is my time to speak out the truth.
“I am not afraid to speak because I know the Almighty God is the ultimate and no one can challenge his authority.

The word of God says ‘there is nothing hidden that shall not be made known’.
“I have no doubt that God allowed me to go through this so that I will be doing what I am doing now. I never could have believed that there is the possibility of things like these happening in this world, but I tell you the truth, it is real…… So, I am not so surprised because there are scriptural backings to prove the fact that these things are real.”

She said that her major concern is how to regain her peace and sleep well at night.
At the Psychiatric Road Zonal headquarters of Christ Embassy in Port Harcourt, Sunday Sun reporter was referred to one Sister Kate who expressed surprise at Toyin’s outburst.
“I am just hearing this type of a thing for the first time. Maybe it has to do with her faith because the scripture says that when one is born again, old things have pass away.”
The official later sought the assistance of Sunday Sun reporter “to enable us pay her a surprise visit.”
She denied any link of Toyin’s allegations with the Head Pastor of the Church.

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