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Europecar lands at MMIA Lagos

Posted by By Moses Akaigwe (igwemos@sunnewsonline) on 2008/05/16 | Views: 1124 |

Europecar lands at MMIA Lagos

“At Europecar, we don’t talk about having more presence in Nigeria than any other car rental company. We also don’t talk about our network of 174 countries and 5,300 stations across the world. Rather, we concentrate on your comfort, security, mobility and being there for you always.”

“At Europecar, we don’t talk about having more presence in Nigeria than any other car rental company. We also don’t talk about our network of 174 countries and 5,300 stations across the world. Rather, we concentrate on your comfort, security, mobility and being there for you always.”

The foregoing is an assuring pledge by Europecar Nigeria which meaning pervaded the atmosphere on Friday last week as the globally known car rental company formally opened its latest outlet at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos. Speaker after speaker, including representatives of the managements of the rental outfit and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), who attended the modest but well attended commissioning ceremony, harped on comfort, security and the desire to extend the network to other airports in the country.

Setting the tone was Chairman of Europecar Nigeria, Chief Joseph Sanusi, who remarked that the arrival of the company in Nigeria four years ago changed the face of car rental business in the country by emphasizing customer satisfaction, hence the preference of Europecar by the patrons.
“Since its advent in Nigeria”, Chief Sanusi said, “Europecar had changed the landscape and redefined the car rental business.

We are proud to be the provider of car rental and mobility services to a large number of companies and individuals in Nigeria. We are preferred because we do not take lightly their comfort and security. We will continue to invest in modern and latest models and sustain our focus on fleet of well maintained vehicles. Our chauffeurs and managers are courteous and very professional. We will continue to invest in their development”.

He disclosed that the branch being commissioned at the arrival wing of the airport had already been connected to the Europecar worldwide network of outlets, meaning that “with just one call or click, you are on your way to having your choice car waiting for check-out at your destination”.
The Europecar Nigeria chairman called on government at all levels, ministries and relevant agencies, to ensure an improvement on the state of infrastructure and service delivery in the country “in order to meet up with other emerging markets such as India, China, South Africa and Brazil, if we are to maximise the potentialities given by this positive economic development”.

Also addressing the guests, the Managing Director of Europecar Nigeria, Mr. Abiodun Olusanya, described the location of an outlet at the Lagos Airport as “a dream comes true”, adding that the company was committed to meeting the high expectations of Nigerians who travel across the world and are familiar with the services offered internationally.

According to Olusanya, the partnerships that exist globally between Europecar and many organisations in the travel and hospitality industry, apply to the Nigerian environment.
Echoing the chairman’s emphasis on the company’s pay-off line, at Europecar You Rent a Lot More Than a Car, Olusanya said: “We are synonymous with comfort, security and mobility…we are the only company in the industry that offer a lot more than renting a car”.
His remarks on network expansion also dove-tailed into Chief Sanusi’s: “We are looking forward to the day we will be able to locate our outlet in every airport in the country. This sentiment was equally shared by FAAN’s Director of Commerce, Mrs. Ngozi Iloabachie, who said “we are as desirous as you are to have outlets in all the airports”.

Mrs Iloabachie, who represented the managing Director of FAAN, Mr Demuren, however, advised the Europecar management to expect and understand the bureaucratic delays that might greet such expansion efforts as it is always the case when government agencies try to ensure that things follow the normal process.

She described Europecar as a rental company that is recognised worldwide, saying its presence at the MMIA is in tandem with the Federal Government’s public-private partnership crusade which, according to her, drives FAAN’s activities. “I am as happy as you are, and we hope it will be a win-win situation for all”.

To FAAN’s International Terminal Manager at the airport, Mallam Abdullahi Buba Chekene, it was only natural that Europecar would register its presence at the MMIA because of its eminence in the country’s aviation.
“We look forward to having a pleasant time doing business here, and expanding to other airports”, Mallam Abdullahi, said.
Apart from MMIA, Lagos, Europecar’s outlets are also located at Ajao Estate, Isolo, and Ikoyi (both in Lagos); as well as at Garki, Abuja; Kaduna; Rumonasi, Garden City, Port Harcourt; as well as two in Calabar; and one each in Owerri, Enugu, Warri, and Benin.

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