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Help from the devil? ... Is it pay back time?

Posted by By Alloy Khenom on 2005/05/16 | Views: 240 |

Help from the devil? ... Is it pay back time?

It can no longer be faulted as a fabricated piece, or a mere fiction brought to the fore by any scientific manipulation.

It can no longer be faulted as a fabricated piece, or a mere fiction brought to the fore by any scientific manipulation.

This is a reality, investigated and confirmed to be a true-life story.
We are referring to that dramatic incident at Sii Town in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State on Saturday, April 16, 2005. On that day, one of the two members representing the Local Government Area in the state House of Assembly, Hon. Gregory Pie-Noah was kidnapped by youths over his alleged breach of contract between the both parties.

The story was told about how Pie-Noah in 1999 engaged the services of a dare-devil group called Kugbanama to ensure his successful election into the house. He is believed to have pledged the sum of N5 million to the deadly gangsters, led by one Odoomewa Fade, aka Godfather.

The group carried out its assignment, which according its leader, included killing, maiming, destruction of property and looting.

These assignments, the Godfather told journalists, were doggedly carried out, with skulls and other parts of their victims carried to Pie-Noah where necessary.

He succeeded as a candidate under the platform of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) into the State House of Assembly, but since 1999, remained elusive and even abusive, each time the boys approached him for a parley over their bargain.

Gregory Pie-Noah is on his second missionary (or, is it political) journey to the assembly, having been returned the second time via the last general election in April, 2003.

Those who claimed Pie-Noah owes them narrated how he continually refused to honour his pledge to them.

We gathered that the Saturday, April 16 Kidnap attempt, was the third of its kind on his life by those he is indebted to in Khana.

One thing Hon. Gregory Pie-Noah does not seem to realize, pundits say, is that, the deals he struck with whoever towards successful prosecution of his election agenda, are like a loan obtained from the devil.

Each passing day increases the wage, scope and then the, final result, which must certainly appear in negative denomination.

This appears to explain what had obtained between Pie-Noah and those he hired for his election success.

What is more about the whole episode today is that, from the look of things, the gangsters are no longer interested in collecting whatever Pie-Noah did promised them. They want him dead. After all, the group had given him a 7-day ultimatum to pay them the sum of N6 million, no longer the N5 million earlier agreed.

That ultimatum expired at the weekend. Pie-Noah is still in hiding, ostensibly to avoid being lynched.

The plea by members of the public is that the group should avoid the temptation of ever visiting the sin of the father on the son. Otherwise, if Pie-Noah had offended anybody and therefore attracted their venom, such groups should not extend any harm to members of the Pie-Noah family.

The plea also is for all parties involved to allow the peace to reign and let the kidnap incident serve as a warning to other politicians who use people including Journalists and dump them after achieving their wealth. Certainly, only time alone will tell the reward for those who owe and refuse to pay.

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