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Although infertility has uncountable causes, itís curable

Posted by By AZOMA CHIKWE on 2008/05/13 | Views: 1003 |

Although infertility has uncountable causes, itís curable

There are uncountable causes of infertility, so much that you simply cannot know it all.

There are uncountable causes of infertility, so much that you simply cannot know it all.

In this encounter, foremost fertility expert, Dr. Sandra Ekwunife spoke on menstrual disorder, Amenorrhoa, ovulation disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome and Endotrioris as causes of infertility.

She said: "What could be the possible causes of infertility in women? There are uncountable causes of infertility. So much that you simply canít know it all. But Iíd talk on some very common ones.

"Menstrual disorders Ė The menstrual cycle is the backbone of your road to conception. Any problem, no matter how little, still scatter everything. And this will prevent you from getting pregnant. So, see your physician to get it corrected.

"Amenorrhae is the lack of menstrual cycle. We have primary and secondary amenorrhae. If you have never seen your menses, it is primary amenorrhae, but if you have had your menstrual flows previously but have not seen it in six or more months, then itís secondary amenorrhae. That is what we commonly call ceased menses. And Iím glad to tell you that we have herbs that can correct that within two months, even for ceased menses for up to ten years.

"Ovulation disorders are very common causes of infertility. Just as you canít get pregnant if there is no implantation, there can never be pregnancy if there is no egg to fertilize. Ovulation problems are mostly hormonal and they respond very well to herbal treatment. In fact, we have standardized herbs that can safely stimulate ovulation. Also super ovulation stimulation is now getting popular and we do it all with very simple everyday herbs.

"Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOs) is a multi-dimensional hormonal problem. Itís often characterized by all or most of the symptoms of Hurstism irregular menstrual cycles, obesity, male pattern baldness, or hair growth on the face, chest, arms and back and ultimately difficult getting pregnant. Itís suspected that PCOs is as a result of insulim resistance or elevated levels of insulim. Even PCOs could be managed with herbs. Long term application is recommended and your physician should be patient as PCOs need a lot of attention.

"Endometriosis and other pelvic adhensions is tissues that looks and acts like the uterine lining but grows outside the womb usually in the abdomen. These tissues will grow and bleed at the end of every normal menstrual cycle. This usually causes pain and swelling because the blood has no place to flow to. As this continues, scaring and adhension sets in. Also, pelvic inflammatory diseases can lead to serious scaring of the reproductive tract in both men and women.

These scaring can cause blockages, pelvic adhensions and other uterine anomalies leading to infertility. Thatís why you must have every infection treated immediately to preserve your fertility. The good news here is that there are herbs to take care of these problems. We have herbs that will clear tubal blockage, uterine adhension and diseases in just two or three months."

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Otasowie means evening life is better than morning life. There is an error in your ‚Äúevening life is better than evening life‚ÄĚ?

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Sokari doesn’t mean joy. Joy is Biobela. Go to the village and ask the meaning of the name.

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Actually translates to bravehearted.