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NMA storms Owerri for beauty queens today

Posted by By TOSIN AJIRIRE on 2008/05/03 | Views: 2187 |

NMA storms Owerri for beauty queens today

The organizers of the Nigerian Music Awards will today in Owerri, the Imo State capital continue their search for the charming queens that will wow the guests at the nation’s biggest entertainment event, which holds in the state on Saturday, May 24, 2008.

The organizers of the Nigerian Music Awards will today in Owerri, the Imo State capital continue their search for the charming queens that will wow the guests at the nation’s biggest entertainment event, which holds in the state on Saturday, May 24, 2008.

Indeed, the premises of Imo Concorde Hotel, Owerri will this morning be practically overtaken by hundreds of beautiful girls who want to be part of the contest. Each of them will be at the prestigious hotel with a burning desire to be one of the 37 NMA queens that will mingle with the high and mighty at the event.

The NMA Hostess Search to choose the 37 beauties, each representing one state of the federation and Abuja, kicked off in grand style in Lagos on Saturday, April 19, 2008 at Water Parks, Ikeja, Lagos. The Northern zonal contest of the Search took place last Saturday at the poolside of Chelsea Hotels & Suites, Abuja.

The panel short listing the girls expects a hectic time sorting out which of the girls will qualify to be specially dressed in national colours and mingle with the stars at the Nigerian Music Awards. Every girl wishing to be selected will be asked to walk the red carpet and will be accessed for looks, walk, carriage, charisma, spoken English, intelligence and knowledge of Nigeria and the state she represents.

The panel will be made up of Ms Cheta Teena Iroegbu, the famed University of Ibadan trained Theatre Arts practitioner: Mr. Lopez Nwadibia, a showbiz reporter with The SUN Newspapers and Mr. Uzoma Ogideh, a young showbiz practitioner and modeling agent. Also on the panel will be Miss Uche Onukwo, a senior executive of TOPS LTD, managers of the Nigerian Music Awards.

It has become part of the tradition of the nation’s biggest show, the Nigerian Music Awards that every state of Nigeria and the FCT contributes a ravishingly beautiful queen that plays the role of hostess at the NMA Grand Gala. The search for these hostesses is
usually a tedious affair because apart from being beautiful, each hostess must exhibit excellent manners, good carriage and be a good ambassador of the state that she represents.

Asked what the objectives of The NMA Hostess Search are, Ms Teena Iroegbu, who co-ordinates the search around the country said, “The NMA Hostess Search is aimed at promoting national integration and the best values of Nigerian womanhood using the nation’s most famous entertainment platform, the Nigerian Music Awards. In these days of falling educational and moral standards, we want to showcase the fact that Nigeria still has girls with exquisite beauty, sound intellect and high moral standards.

That is why at the NMA Hostess Search, we are careful not to do anything that may be considered to debase womanhood. We do not do swim suit contests or in any way over expose the
girls. Our emphasis is beauty and brains. Another important fact is that the NMA is a big national event in which every part of the country ought to participate. The 37 hostesses represent Nigeria’s unity in diversity.

“Traditionally, at the Nigerian Music Awards, Nigeria’s best from all walks of life are on show. It is an honour for the girls to have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Nigeria’s best and be inspired. Last year, some of the NMA Hostesses were received in audience at State House, Abuja when the President of the Federal Republic honoured the organizers of the Nigerian Music Awards”

Ms. Iroegbum however, concluded thus: “I do not believe that there is any Nigerian who would not have been proud at the Grand Return of the Nigerian Music Awards in Abuja in 2007 when the 37 queens, each dressed in national green with a dash of white, made their majestic entry into the Africa Hall of the International Conference Centre. It was a moment to behold.”

Who are the girls with beauty and brains who will capture the imagination of all and take care of the hundreds of stars when the Nigerian Music Awards Grand Gala holds in Imo State? The question will be close to being answered this weekend.

Ms. Teena Iroegbu who co-ordinates the search has advised all girls wishing to be part of the historic NMA Imo 2008 to visit the website to fill their forms online so as to be eligible for the Abuja and Owerri contest. Those unable to complete the forms on line may show up at the venue with their full-length photographs.

The celebrated NMA Soul Flights with stars from every walk of life and on board live entertainment will land at Sam Mbakwe Airport Owerri on Friday, May 23, 2008 as the various activities of the NMA IMO 2008 kick off in style.

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