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Police arrest couple for selling their twins

Posted by By CHRISTOPHER OJI and MATHJEW DIKE on 2008/05/03 | Views: 972 |

Police arrest couple for selling their twins

Detectives at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Lagos have arrested a couple who sold their twins to a syndicate who specialized in selling kids in London.

Detectives at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Lagos have arrested a couple who sold their twins to a syndicate who specialized in selling kids in London.

Also arrested was the kingpin of the syndicate, Mrs Helen Woma, who personally paid the sum of N120,000 each for the two baby boys.

Parading the kid sellers and the buyer syndicate, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of the SCID, Panti Oyebode Leye, gave the names of the kids’ father as John Ezeukwu and his wife, Nwakaego.

DCP Leye, who described the act as shameful, wondered why a mother could plot with her husband to get rid of two baby boys.
He revealed that even before the plan to sell the babies was hatched, the couple had attempted to get rid of the pregnancy.

“The patent medicine dealer, who attempted to abort the baby, was equally the person who introduced the kids’ parents to the buyer. The patent medicine dealer is in our custody. He has equally confessed that the children were special kids, as all the medicines their mother took did not abort the pregnancy, neither was the plans to sell them successful,” he said.

The kids’ mother, Nwakaego, told Daily Sun: “Yes, I sold the kids with the consent of my husband. I sold them for N60,000 each to Helen Woma, who told me that she would equally sell them to her elder sister in London. I sold them off when my husband told me that he would not cater for them and threatened to kill me. Trouble started for me when I went for scan and discovered that I had two boys in my womb. When I told my husband about it, he told me to terminate the pregnancy.

“I went to a chemist, who gave me injection and some pills, but the more I took the abortion pills, the more healthy the children were. I went for another scan and the kids were still there, very healthy. So, the chemists promised to assist me in selling the baby. He introduced me to Chinye Ndubuisi, who introduced me to her madam, who bought the children.”

The Imo State born Nwakaego equally narrated how she shared the proceed from her evil business.
“I gave Chinye N5,000, Abraham and Chima got N25,000. And I gave my younger brother N25,000 to improve his shoe making business.”
On how much she gave her husband, she said that when she found out that her man was legally married to another woman she decided to keep the balance for herself.

On her own, Woma told Daily Sun: “Really, I bought the kids for N120,000. He came to me and told me that she wanted to kill them. I contacted my elder sister abroad. She begged me to buy the babies for her, so, I bargained with their mother and we settled for N120,000. I did not force her to sell her kids. She came to me and begged me.”

The woman, who said she regretted her action, blamed the woman for bringing her twins to her to buy.
“She brought the idea. If not, I had not done such a thing before,” she said.
However, the state police spokesman, Mr Frank Mba, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), who countered her claim, said: “There is more to all these cock and bull stories than meet the eye. How come that the patent medicine dealer (chemist) knew Woma who bought the kids? How was it possible for him to know who needed the babies after the attempted abortion failed? We have gotten information that the person she would have transferred the children abroad came in December. We are still going to unravel so many things.”

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