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Envoy commends Nigeria for upholding ‘One China’ policy

Posted by By EMMA EMEOZOR on 2008/04/25 | Views: 541 |

Envoy commends Nigeria for upholding ‘One China’ policy

China has commended Nigeria for adhering to the ‘One China’ policy, saying it remains the corner stone of a strong strategic partnership that is forging between the two countries.

China has commended Nigeria for adhering to the ‘One China’ policy, saying it remains the corner stone of a strong strategic partnership that is forging between the two countries.

The Consul General of China in Lagos, Guo Kun made the commendation while commenting on Beijing’s efforts at resolving the crisis rocking the country following violent protests organized by Tibetans. The envoy said following President Umar Musa Yar’Adua’s visit to China, the two countries are expecting “the steady rise in the volume of trade, higher level of economic and technical cooperation” and “the mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation will be further deepened and expanded.”

He assured that Chinese entrepreneurs would respond positively to President Yar’Adua’s call for cooperation with their Nigerian partners. “The Chinese entrepreneurs will be all active to the President Yar’Adua’s call to work with their Nigerian partners and take part in Nigeria’s development in the coming years.” On the ‘anti-China protests’ organized by Tibetans, Kun told Daily Sun his government expects the international community to respect the integrity of China. “We hope countries can respect facts and make a clear distinction between the right and wrong.”

Tibetans led by monks have been protesting the Olympic hosting rights given to China, alleging human rights violation against Beijing. Tibetans are, also, using the occasion of the Olympics to express their support for the Dalai Lama’s demand for the independence, a request China has vowed not to approve. The protests have, since, spread across parts of Europe, America and Asia.

Commenting on the degree of violent protests taking place daily, Kun argued that, “No single country in the world will tolerate such kind of violence” stressing, “The Dalai question is not an issue of ethnicity, religion, or culture, but a fight of secession versus anti-secession.” He was quick to debunk accusation of high handedness in quelling the protests in Tibet’s headquarter, Lhasa, saying, “The law enforcement personnel exercised maximum restraint during the whole process. They didn’t carry or use any lethal weapon.” The envoy is asking the international community to ignore allegations of human rights violation levied against Beijing as well as the Dalai Lama’s demand for the independence of Tibet. “We hope countries can respect facts and make a clear distinction between the right and wrong.”

He described as ‘unfortunate’ the Dalai Lama’s refusal to “recognize Tibet as part of Chinese territory since ancient times.” Dalai Lama has consistently described Tibet as a “country occupied by China.” The other ‘sins’ of the Dalai Lama which Kun listed include his refusal to recognize the existing social system in Tibet, attempting to overthrow it and replace it with another; plan to establish the so-called ‘Greater Tibet Area’, which covers almost a quarter of Chinese territory but has never existed in history; move to compel the Central Government to withdraw troops from the so-called ‘Greater Tibet Area’ and plan to expel non-Tibetans from the area.

Kun believes the on-going protests will in no way change the development policy of the government. “The development and progress of Tibet is irreversible,” he emphasized. Kun is confident that Tibetans will remain loyal to Beijing because in his words: “Tibet people will never abandon good living and accept slavery and theocracy again.”

What the Dalai Lama wants only can be his own daydream and never ever comes true.”
On Monday, China launched what it dubbed ‘education’ campaign in Tibet. According to Tibet Daily newspaper, the campaign was to ‘unify the thinking of officials and the masses.’ The programme is specifically designed to undermine support for the Dalai Lama and any separatist sentiment.

The move will include television programmes and a series of sessions in which Communist Party members, other officials and local people, will denounce the Daila Lama. Monks in Tibetan monasteries will be involved in the exercise. Observers say China’s Communist Party has long used what it calls ‘patriotic education campaigns’ to impose discipline and reinforce its authority.

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Kim Worley(Greeley, Colorado, US)says...

I heard this in a song and had no idea what it meant. Googled it and this came up. Very Cool. ????????????????

Obinna(Newark Nj)says...

I want to know more meaning and significant of this name obidike in igboland

Olusola Okhiria Nee Sodunke(Newport, Newport, UK)says...

This is a great piece of history, which is dear to our hearts as people and very much appreciated.

Many thanks to the people who worked hard in the past and those who are still making efforts to keep the institution.

The labour is obviouly worth it. We are proud of you all.

A lot still to be done, with the motivation of the champions of this course, others will follow as well to maintain the institution

May God continue to keep the edifice for development of future generations to the glory of God and the benefits of our fatherland.

Joel Efiong(Calabar, Nigeria)says...

This is a great piece. The examination bodies should hire you as ICT consultant.

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