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Gang-raped, impregnated by hoodlums

Posted by By JOSSY IDAM on 2008/03/30 | Views: 1445 |

Gang-raped, impregnated by hoodlums

Jennifer Emmanuel had a satanic plan from the onset: She secretly wanted to deliver her baby, abandon it in than uncompleted building where she lives, and run away.

*This 21-yr-old planned to dump her baby
…But Prophet T.B Joshua intervened

Jennifer Emmanuel had a satanic plan from the onset: She secretly wanted to deliver her baby, abandon it in than uncompleted building where she lives, and run away. Like the character in Craig David’s hit Song, Jenny, as her friends call her, really wanted to walk away from the troubles in her life and find a better day. But her plan didn’t work out.

Days before her delivery, the nurse she ran to, told her to do a scan test and ascertain the position and condition of her baby. She came to Ikotun, Lagos, to do it. According to Jennifer, she saw a beautiful, big building and asked passerby who owned its: “They told me Synagogue, Prophet T.B Joshua’s Church; I liked the house and decided to come and worship there that Sunday,” she said.

Encounter with Prophet T.B Joshua
In the morning of Sunday, March 16, she trundled into the imposing church and climbed up to one of the wings of the theatre-like structure. There she was doing like others around her. She prayed, sang, danced and listened to the preaching of Prophet T.B Joshua.
But she became unhinged when Prophet T.B Joshua’s voice boomed thus: “There’s a young lady here; She was raped. Now she wants to get rid of the baby. If she tries it, she would die with the baby. Please, come out here!”

Jenny’s ears ached. She couldn’t believe what she heard. She sat glued to her seat and reasoned that she couldn’t be the one since her name was not mentioned. She was still there, playing the ostrich. When a spectre seemed to have appeared before her, Prophet T.B Joshua walked up to her, touched her and said: “Get up, you are the one.” Gingerly, Jenny got up and stuttered some incoherent words and followed the Prophet to the podium where she was given a seat. Tears dropped from her eyes as Prophet Joshua retold her life story.

The video of her encounter with Prophet T.B Joshua war played back in the Church on Sunday, March 23. Jenny, in addition, was told she would deliver a baby boy within the week and was advised not to tamper with her pregnancy, that she would die if she tried it.
Jenny was stunned not only by the prophesy, but also being dragged before the large congregation of Synagogue worshippers. She also appeared live on Emmanuel TV, an experience that left her with no room to deliver her baby, dump it and flee.

Bundle of Joy
After the service, Jenny left feeling confused. She blamed herself for straying into the Church. Some of the pastors of the church gave her a telephone number to call in case of emergency. They even followed her home unobtrusively and kept tab on her.
In the evening of Wednesday, March 19, Jenny noticed labour signs and went to the room of her “Aunty Nurse” and was delivered of a healthy, handsome baby boy.
The next day, she called the number the pastors in Synagogue gave her. The pastor promptly responded. They paid for the delivery kits of Jenny and her baby - Joshua. She named her son after the man who saved her and her baby.

Life line
To give Jenny and baby a breath of fresh air, Prophet T.B Joshua last Sunday announced that The Synagogue Church of All Nations would invite Jenny’s parents and “if they are well-off to cater for Jenny and Joshua, the new mother and baby would be released to them. But if they can’t we’ll keep her and her baby here. The girl has to be re-directed, her baby raised and sent to school and so on,” Prophet T.B Joshua promised.

Tear away
In an interview with Sunday Sun, Jenny recalled how she stole her mother’s N3,000 and ran out of her Obubra village home in Cross River State, to live with her uncle in Lagos.
That was five years ago. When her mum insisted she must come back home, her uncle who now lives in Abuja, took her to Ojuelegba, got her a bus ticket; put her on it and waved her bye-bye. But Jenny later sneaked out of the bus and went to her friend Doyin at Isolo, Lagos.

When 21-year-old Jenny moved in with Doyin and her parents, the two friends got a job at a slippers manufacturing factory in Isolo. Things seemed to be going on smoothly for Jenny. The JSS 3 drop out didn’t care anymore about going back to school.
In the factory, she was paid N300 daily as a casual labourer. Nine months ago, she couldn’t finish her assigned task of packing slippers in the factory in time. Her supervisor, a Korean, threatened to cut N100 off her daily earning if she failed to complete the task. Determined to earn her usual daily wage, she toiled and finished around 9pm. But on her way home that night, two hoodlums pounced on Jenny, assaulted and raped her.
Shell-shocked by that sordid experience, Jenny refused to talk to anyone, not even Doyin. She lived with “her shame” until two months later when it became clear that she was pregnant.

Seeing her condition, Doyin’s parents threw Jenny out of their home. She loitered for a while and even became a prostitute. When her pregnancy become very pronounced, she moved into an uncompleted building with other poor families. She devised every imaginable means to abort the pregnancy without luck.
Now feeling secure in synagogue, Jenny is full of hope for her future and her new baby - Joshua.

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I heard this in a song and had no idea what it meant. Googled it and this came up. Very Cool. ????????????????