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Sad day in life of Yewa Oba

Posted by By MOSHOOD ADEBAYO, Abeokuta on 2008/03/18 | Views: 1644 |

Sad day in life of Yewa Oba

He is perhaps one of the few traditional rulers in the South West zone of the country whose son was executed whilst he reigned as Yoruba Oba.

• His son executed for armed robbery
• He died heart-broken 20 yrs after

He is perhaps one of the few traditional rulers in the South West zone of the country whose son was executed whilst he reigned as Yoruba Oba.

Before he breathed his last penultimate Wednesday, June 30, 1988 was the most painful day for Oba Samuel Adeniran Adekanmbi Tella (J.P.), Agbenuaran II, the late Olu of Ilaro and Paramount ruler of Yewland. On that day, in history, his son Abiodun Tella, who had been standing trail for armed robbery, was executed after conviction.

That criminal action by the monarch’s son and the attendant disgrace that it brought to the town pitched the late Olu against majority of his subjects who wanted him dethroned.
Leading the campaign against the ouster of the first class traditional ruler was Chief Jas Kolawole Oyekan, adviser to the Olu of Ilaro, who sought to actualise the wishes and aspirations of the sons and daughters of the town.
Although the town did not succeed in removing their Oba, the Olu was however forced to abdicate the throne for a while and take refugee in Abeokuta, the state capital.

Before his relocation, there was a state of anarchy in the ancient town leading to the propitiation of Oro, forcing many residents to remain indoors for many days until sanity returned.
The Oro cultists, who described the execution of the Olu’s son as a sacrilege, blocked access roads to the late Oba’s private residence, as irate youths and elders demanded his removal.

Son’s sin on father
When their attempt to depose him failed, the Ilaro Traditional Council (ITC) on August 13, 1988 formally announced the suspension of the Olu of Ilaro. This, the ITC said was done in the interest of the people of the town on whose behalf they were reportedly acting as intermediary.

The letter, which was signed by two members of the Council, urged the Yewa monarch to stop parading himself as the Olu of Ilaro until further notice.
The late monarch seemed deserted by his chiefs and people until the military administration of the late Navy Captain Mohammed Lawal brokered peace
Lawal, a staunch Muslim who hailed from Kwara State, was said to have cited several verses of the Holy Quaran and the Holy Bible saying that the town should not visit the sin of the son on his father.

Rites of passage
Speaking with Sunday Sun last week, the Adele Olu, Chief Oyekan said rites of passage for the late paramount ruler, which had begun in earnest would last three months.
According to Regent Adele, “because the passage rites are cumbersome, those who are to be involved in the process have been notified.”

His words: “The Kabiyesi had been sick for some time and we had hoped he would recover from the illness. It was just after the Traditional Council Meeting on Wednesday, I got home and I was about having my lunch when the children of the late Olu trooped in and informed me of the passage of the Kabiyesi.

I told them that they were not in a position to tell me and that they should go back to inform the elders in the family who ought to bring such information to me. Thereafter, I called the Kingmakers and briefed them and waited for the family to come and inform me officially.”

The Regent further stated that the Egungun Festival which started in the ancient town penultimate Saturday had to be allowed for only two days. “Thereafter, we commenced the funeral rites which will last for three months. It will be in the morning period for three months.”

He described the late Oba who ruled form the Agbenuaran-Tella Ruling House as very friendly, God fearing, very accommodating, very religious and very tolerant. During his reign, Ilaro had rapid development. I think he did his best for the ancient town.”
Meanwhile, the passage rites climaxed last Tuesday with curfew imposed on the town for a greater part of the day. During the curfew, commercial activities were paralysed as banks, shop owners and schools remained closed.

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