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Lavonne Cele Tawo: I don’t lose sleep over marriage

Posted by By Josfyn Uba ( on 2008/01/26 | Views: 1677 |

Lavonne Cele Tawo: I don’t lose sleep over marriage

Lavonne Cele Tawo needs no introduction. She is the mother of Festus Keyamo’s daughter and a milliner. For Lavonne who relocated to Abuja a few years ago, many had thought that she moved out of Lagos because she couldn’t cope with the the failure of her relationship with the city lawyer.

Lavonne Cele Tawo needs no introduction. She is the mother of Festus Keyamo’s daughter and a milliner. For Lavonne who relocated to Abuja a few years ago, many had thought that she moved out of Lagos because she couldn’t cope with the the failure of her relationship with the city lawyer.

In this interview with Saturday sun, Lavonne took time to correct that notion, stressing that she needed to move on with her life. While giving an insight into her life as a single mother, she spoke on the challenges of single motherhood and pointed out that, although, she is single but she is not searching as she is currently enjoying the bliss of a new relationship

New Year resolutions
When I was much younger, I made new year resolutions which I seldom kept to, but with a bit of maturity and experience now, I no longer make resolutions, rather I wait on God to unfold what He has for me.

Most people believe that you left Lagos for Abuja because you couldn’t face the seeming embarrassment from your failed relationship with Festus Keyamo, how do you react to this?
I‘d like to point out that there is life after a failed relationship. I’d like to correct that wrong notion here and now. I still lived in Lagos for three years after my relationship with Keyamo failed before I went to England. When I returned; I chose to settle in Abuja because of my new line of business and again, because I love the peace and serenity of the place. All those endless traffic jams that characterize Lagos life is not here.

In fact, I had stopped granting interviews because some journalists would not let me rest over the issue of me and my daughter’s father. We have both moved on. Right now, I am in a very blissful relationship and loath being taken backwards. I will very much wish that this matter be laid to rest once and for all. I will rather discuss my present blissful best moments.
I don't want to be taken backwards. I have actually moved on with my life. For God’s sake, it’s been eight years since Keyamo’s issue and I have closed that chapter

Of course, your child is grown up now, naturally, like every woman, I am sure that you would like to have another child, are you not thinking along that direction?
Children are gifts from God and He is the only one who can decide on that and I truly put my hopes in Him.

Again, you have successfully moved on after your affair with the father of your child, are you not considering marriage or are you comfortable with just being a single mother? If marriage is in the offing for you, how soon do we expect the wedding bells and who is the lucky guy?
I am in a very beautiful relationship at the moment. For now, I can only take a step at a time. Let's see where this leads us to. I don't loose sleep over marriage. Rather, what is paramount on my mind right now, is to be a success story in my ambition and what I have set out to do and the rest will fall in line with time

What is life like for you as a single mother and how are you coping with the challenges of single motherhood?
There have been both challenging and happy moments for me as a single mother but I have coped very well and in a way, single motherhood has toughened me and given me strength in taking decisions and making judgment. I would say that I am enjoying every moment of it.
I don't live my life for the society, I just found myself in this situation and I accepted it. There is nothing wrong in that, anyway. I would rather do it over and over again, instead of remaining childless or committing abortion.

Let me say with all emphasis that I give thumps up for those bold women, who go ahead to have their babies despite the societal discrimination and cultural inhibitions and even when the cowardice in men put them in the accident of their predicaments. I am glad to be a mother and a damn good one at that.

What do you think of single motherhood in Nigeria, do you think the society has a place for them or marriage is still the ultimate like most people say, give me your candid view?
For me, I have never been so enthusiastic about marriage. When I was in my twenty’s, I do remember that it was somehow fashionable for young girls to talk and discuss marriage but now that I am in my late thirties, I would rather make a success of what I am. I would rather pursue my goals and aspirations with energy and passion.

But I tell you one thing, as a young girl; if you meet someone who meets up to what you want and personal criteria, then go ahead. But if the guy fails to meet your yardstick, kick him out without delay.
I believe that down the avenue de amour (avenue of love) there is some cool guy waiting for every woman. And if it works out for you, then go on and marry but if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you had thought of; don’t brood over what you have no control over. For some of these things, you are not in control of them, in anyway and the earlier you recognize this point and approach life and issues in that perspective, you are likely to find personal peace and happiness. So, you don’t have to brood over them and God will send you someone else.

For me, I don’t think that marriage should be the ultimate in a woman's life rather; I believe that success, independence and self reliance should take precedence. That is not to say that marriage, in its entirety, is not worth the troubles but it is not something anyone should loose her life for, if it doesn’t come at all or fails to work out.

Single but not searching
I am single but not searching. You will hear the wedding bells when Jesus says so. God will determine the qualities of the guy to send to me, He decides on my life.

It is the lowest career anyone can embark on. Life presents us with a lot of chances and opportunities and we all have choices to make. But I certainly do not think that prostitution is a great option.
I do believe that one can actually make a decent living without necessarily hawking her body or dehumanizing oneself. It is time and important for us to understand that our body is the temple of the living God. And like I said earlier that life presents us with choices and each of us reserves the right and freedom to choose where she wants to be.

My fashion
My fashion style is Lavonne. My dress sense is determined by the occasion that am presented with. If I am meeting the President of a country, a minister or a governor, I will certainly dress to suit the occasion. And if it’s church service or just out to the grocery shop or the park with my daughter, I would also dress to suit that purpose, otherwise, it is jeans and tops.
I don’t really have favourite colours per se. I ‘d rather look out for the style in the colour. I used to be a designer freak but now, as I get more mature, I would go for Cartier for my glasses, watches, pens, and Louis Vuitton for handbags. For shoes, I look for comfort and fitting.

Fashion for 2008
Fashion for 2008 is a recycle of the seventies, eighties a blend of nineties to create 2008. For the colours, we should see vibrant ones.

Latest beauty accessories
Makeup, clothes and perfumes.

A stylish woman
A lady who can discern the creativity in her clothes and one who can also interpret it in the way she adorns it for the world to behold.

Beauty routine
I have a cleansing programme. I mask twice a week and I exfoliate thrice a week.

Hair products
I wear a very low skin cut, so I only use sporting wave’s relaxer before going to the barbers.

I love fragrances but stick to very limited collection. I love Cartier, Givenchy, YSL and Etienne Aigner.

Embarrassing moments
I can’t remember anyone, right now. I may have to think hard enough, oh, okay, when people erroneously speak Ibo or Yoruba to me thinking that I am either a Yoruba or Ibo, because of my names. But it is okay.

I work round the clock 24 – 7. Occasionally I check into a five star hotel with my daughter in order to get away from it all.

Favourite holiday spot
Any country with engaging scenery and good hotels would do as I love travelling.

I love listening to music; I love Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Boccelli, Julio Iglesias, Dionne Warwrick and few Nigerian artists.
I also read write ups from foreign tabloids. For books, I read mostly Christian literature and the Holy Bible.

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