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Is Hollywood ready for Genevieve?

Posted by By Genevieve Nnaji on 2005/05/01 | Views: 36233 |

Is Hollywood ready for Genevieve?

The recent article of Bovi Ugboma on RMDís column made quite an interesting read for me and I had to go inside myself and think about this Hollywood brouhaha.

The recent article of Bovi Ugboma on RMDís column made quite an interesting read for me and I had to go inside myself and think about this Hollywood brouhaha. Mr. Bovi thinks I would make quite a success in Hollywood (I do too) but he actually raised some mind boggling questions which I think only me can find answers to. I donít think he was talking directly to me but he nevertheless made his thoughts known so I would like to reply him on some of the issues he touched.

Before I go further, I have seen lots of articles on why I should not be a columnist and I am so surprised by some peopleís outburst. I think everyone has a right to express him or herself, and If anyone has a grudge with what I write then the simple thing to do is flip over my column when you see it. I donít think I have in anyway expressed vanity or presented myself in a way that would give me the name arrogant, but for no reason I can think of, some people just donít like my column. I am consoled by the fact that not everyone must like me. I do try my best to be nice but if my best is not good enough, itís not my fault, ok? In Hollywood, a musician can be an actor, a columnist, or whatever else he decides to add to his profession, why should it be different here?
I am quite flattered that Mr. Bovi would single me out for Hollywood if he were given a chance to choose an actress and to this, I say thank you to him for recognising my talent and appreciating me.

Now to the point he raised. Would I be able to stand the heat in Hollywood? Hollywood is not better than Nollywood, itís just that they have better tricks to make the movies look real but anyone that can survive the heat of movie making here and make a name, can make it anywhere else. Here, we deal with real-life stories, Hollywood is make-believe.

Of course, itís not easy climbing up the ladder in Hollywood but is it easy anywhere else? Will I be able to cope with their professional standards? Will I be able to cope with the beauty rave and madness of Hollywood? Will I do my nose, do my chin, have breasts implant or enlarge my lips? Hmmm, questions that need answers!

I am an African woman and if Hollywood needs me because of my African heritage, wouldnít it be so silly to change it all when I get there? Would it be wise to change it all and not be able to fit back into the society that made me? I do agree that Hollywood is the dream of every actress, but I donít agree that losing ones head in the madness is worth it. Oh yes, I will go on diets, (I do here too) and do every physical exercise to get my body into shape but thatís all I can say for now.
I couldnít help laughing when Mr. Bovi almost concluded by asking me if I would be able to handle the press. What a question!Ö I am sure that every person who has ever been written about in Nigeria would agree with me that if you can survive the war with the Nigerian press, you have a thick skin to see you through the press anywhere else in the world. I am not boasting, but I think I have had more than my fair share of press coverage and itís done me more good than harm. I have African skin which is thick so comparing me to the likes of Elvis Presley, Benny Hill, Marilyn Munroe and many others who were depressed by press coverage would be a mistake.

Mr. Bovi concluded in a rather dramatic way and I said AMEN when I got to that part, quoting him he said, ďI believe if Genevieve goes to Hollywood, her prowess would speak for her and eventually she would make it to the top to become perhaps the second black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress. Also the second African woman but most importantly, the first black African. All these I believe can come to pass if Genevieve goest to Hollywood!Ē

What I want Mr. Bovi to think about is not if Genevieve goes to Hollywood, he shouldnít bother himself with the ifís and the whatís, the GOD I serve doesnít sleep on me and if he wills it, I will go to Hollywood and if he lets me get there, itís to make an African statement with my African-ness. The question should be ďIS HOLLYWOOD READY FOR GENEVIEVE?Ē

By Genevieve Nnaji []
Friday, July 23, 2004

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