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Ongoing assessment of local councils in Rivers State:

Posted by The Port Harcourt Telegraph on 2005/04/28 | Views: 470 |

Ongoing assessment of local councils in Rivers State:

What looks like a performance outlook of local government councils in Rivers State is beginning to emerge.

* 7 chairmen stand out
...even as 14 out of 23 perform fairly

What looks like a performance outlook of local government councils in Rivers State is beginning to emerge.

The Independent Media Bureau, a public relations outfit which has been going round local government areas says that after conducting independent assessment of the activities and performances of all the 23 local government councils under the present administration, it has come up with a shortlist of few council chairmen that have done fairly well.

According to a release made available to The Telegraph, 14 out of the 23 council chairmen have distinguished themselves according to the assessment carried out by the Independent Media Bureau and have thus been named the best.

They are Aroloye Brown of Asari Toru Local Government Council, Azubuike Nmerukini of PHALGA, Augustine Okpokiri of Ahoada West, Ejor E. Ejor of Eleme, Ephraim Nwuzi Of Etche, Felix Obua of ONELGA, Fred Kpakol of Gokana, Jacobson Nbina of Tai, Ibibia Walter of WALGA, Monwan Owoh Etete of Andoni, Nwuke Anucha of Omuma, Nyesom Nwike of OBALGA, Rodaford LongJohn of Bonny, Tammy Danagogo of AKULGA

These chairmen according to the outfit have been selected in the general category and thereafter further critical assessment will be conducted amongst them to pick the five best amongst them. After the best five in the second category, the number one council chairman will emerge and that will be announced on the day of the Award and Dinner Night. That is how the state's category goes and it is important to note that the names are placed according to alphabetical order and not order of performance or preference.

Furthermore, Independent Media Bureau has also done another selection based on the best performing chairmen in the 3 Senatorial districts of the state and it goes thus: Best performing council chairman, Rivers East Senatorial Zone are: Aroloye Brown- ASALGA, Augustine Okpokiri Ahoada West, Felix Obuah ONELGA, Rodaford Longjohn Bonny and Tammy Danagogo of AKULGA.

While in the Rivers East Senatorial District, Azubuike Nmerukini of PHALGA ,Ephraim Nwuzi Etche, Ibibia Walter Okrika, Nwuke Anucha Omuma and Nyesom Wike of OBALGA were picked for the final contest. And in the Rivers South East, Ejor E. Ejor Eleme boss, Fred Kpakol Gokana, Jacobson Nbina of Tai and Monwan Owoh Etete, the chairman of Andoni are the best that will compete in the final stage.

Yet there is also another category called Peoples' Awards Nominees, which goes thus: Best performing Ikwerre Chairman: this falls in the hands of Azubuike Nmerukini and Nyesom Wike. Best performing Kalabari chairmen are seen in the persons of Aroloye Brown and Tammy Danagogo. Best performing Ogoni chairmen are Ejor Ejor, Fred Kpakol and Jacobson Nbina The best performing Old Bonny council chairmen are Monwan Owoh Etete and Rodaford Longjohn. The best performing Orashi chairmen are Felix Obuah and Augustine Okpokiri, while best performing Okrika and Etche are to be named on the award's night since both have only but two councils each and Oyibo is not eligible in this category since it is a lone council area.

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