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Assassination attempt: Audu lied –Kogi Govt

Posted by By OLA AGBAJE on 2008/01/08 | Views: 444 |

Assassination attempt: Audu lied –Kogi Govt

Kogi State Government has described as bogus lie the alleged assassination attempt on the former governor of the state, Prince Abubakar Audu.

Kogi State Government has described as bogus lie the alleged assassination attempt on the former governor of the state, Prince Abubakar Audu.

Audu had told journalists in Abuja that he narrowly escaped a vicious attempt on his life while alleging that the state government was behind the attack.

In its reaction, in a statement signed by the Special Assistant on Media and public affairs to Governor Ibrahim Idris, Frank Adejoh – Audu, the state government debunked the claim, insisting that Audu organized the shooting of his own car in a desperate bid to embarrass the government.

Picking holes in Audu’s story, the statement wondered why he never bothered to report the incident to the state Police Command immediately and decided to go to Abuja to make a show of the baseless wild allegation.
The statement alleged that Audu conceived the ruse attack when the police foiled attempt by his thugs to distrupt a popular traditional festival, Italo, in Igalaland.

“Our information is that Audu retreated to the private house of a prominent Anyigba- based transporter and there he ordered one Nasiru Momosani, alias Akondi, a member of his private army, to rain bullets on the bulletproof Ford, which he took from the state in 2003. That is the car he now took to Abuja and exhibited before journalists as evidence of a failed assassination attempt on his life. It is curious that Audu never reported the so-called assassination attempt to the police.

And it is shocking that none of the newspapers that reported Audu’s fiction attempted to confirm the incidence from the police either.
It is this attempt by Audu’s thugs to disrupt an annual festival of the Igala nation which was foiled by the police, that Audu is brandishing as an assassination attempt on his life,” the statement said.

“The Kogi State government is, however, worried that in his desperate attempt to return to Lugard House, Audu has continued to use cock and bull stories and other foul tactics to desecrate the office and his successor.

Audu has made two failed attempts in the past to concoct an attempted murder case and hang it on Governor Idris. Last June, Audu claimed that two people with whom he had exchanged pleasantries and shook hands were armed murderers who his unarmed guards dispersed after his armed security details fled.”

“But this is not the first time the former governor would cry wolf. Last year, he sponsored a rag shit magazine to publish a story alleging that there is a list of people marked for assassination by the Kogi State government. Making phantom allegations is fast becoming the first love of Audu in his unemployed state.

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