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A’Ibom PDP tames rivals with N1m Xmas gift

Posted by By JOE EFFIONG, Uyo on 2008/01/08 | Views: 278 |

A’Ibom PDP tames rivals with N1m Xmas gift

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State may have succeeded in subduing the opposition in the state, with only a gift of N1 million.

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State may have succeeded in subduing the opposition in the state, with only a gift of N1 million.

The money, which was shared N200, 000 to each of the five opposition parties, namely, ANPP, ADC, Fresh, LP and DPP, in the home of the PDP state chairman, Chief Ita Toyo, in Uyo, is said to have been a Christmas gift from the state government.

However, the paltry largesse has already resulted in bickering among the opposition parties who are now trading accusations.
The worst hit is the DPP, whose secretary, Mr. Mike Ekpo, has not only gone to the police to lodge complaint against his chairman, Mr. Bassey Eshiet, but has equally run to the press with pleas that the media should intervene, so he could also benefit from the money.

The text message he sent to the journalists read: “My chairman received about N200, 000 from the government yesterday and has since disappeared into thin air without giving a dime to me or any member of the party.

“I have reported the matter to the police. I’m very bitter and I’m officially reporting to you to use your offices and pen to get redress for me and my other party officials.
“We have been cheated. I have sent a text to Toyo, the PDP chairman on this matter. (So, so man) is a criminal and I’ll fight him with every contact I have until I get my share of that money. Please act immediately,” he had solicited.

But Bassey on his part told Sunday Sun on phone that “(So, so person) is a rogue. He already has a case with me at the state police headquarters at Ikot Akpanabia. He is not loyal and I can’t call him my secretary.”

Asked if that was why he never shared the money with his secretary, Eshiet said the money was not meant to be shared because it was just “transport given to us after the inauguration of Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP). You can ask Bobito Eyo of the ANPP; Mike was not even there.”
On his part, Eyo said he was not even aware of the money but admitted that he and his colleagues were sumptuously “entertained by the PDP chairman after the inauguration yesterday.

“Don’t mind that boy (Mike), he doesn’t even know what is happening, we must all join hands and build this state,” he responded.
Similarly, the state PDP chairman, Chief Ita Toyo, declined to explain the rationale for such money. Instead, he accused reporters of spreading rumours.
But when reminded that the money was causing ripples among his opposition colleagues, the PDP boss retorted, “How does that concern me?”

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