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She lost beauty queenís crown, but won smiling award

Posted by By UKOHA KALU and CHRISTY ANYANWU on 2005/04/28 | Views: 1346 |

She lost beauty queenís crown, but won smiling award

Mopinle Amusuís name may not ring a bell. But hold on for this young lady who charms people with her disarming smile.

Mopinle Amusuís name may not ring a bell. But hold on for this young lady who charms people with her disarming smile. If you have not yet got the gist, Mopinle narrowly missed being declared the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN 2005) But daring to contest and smile all the way through the pageant, she will soon be on her way to London courtesy of the award she won as the most charming girl. The award is courtesy of My-mine toothpaste.

Daily Sun crew of UKOHA KALU and CHRISTY ANYANWU ran into her recently and we have the pleasure of having you meet the charming lady
My names are Roseline Mopinle Amusu. Iím 21 years old. I intend to study Internationals Relations. My hobbies are singing, travelling, and meeting people. Iím second in a family of 7.
Having come from a family that large, are you going to have seven kids too?
No, Iím going to have just four kids. I believe I should bring children into the world that I should be able to cater for. My father has seven and he has shown that he can cater for us. But for me, Iíll want to have four eventually when I get married.
I just feel four is all right for me. I would prefer two males and two females. But anyhow God arranges it; Iíll take it as it is.

You have just been recently declared first runner- up in a beauty pageant. What pageant was it?
The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, 2005. It was held on the 19th of March.
What experience did you have before emerging the second best?
None that I can lay claims to. But participating in the pageant was a wonderful experience all together. I met different people from different places. (The girls) we all had fun in camp. There were lots to learn about people around one. It was beautiful, it was a great experience.
What kind of dresses did you wear that stood you out, apart from the bikini?
There was an evening wear; we had traditional attire too. And there was also a part that we had to do the dance together.

Did you particularly like the dancing?
I like dancing, but itís not everybody that can dance well. Iím not a good dancer as such but I tried.
What type of dancing do you like?
It depends on the kind of mood I am. I like African music, I like hip-hop and the rest of it.
Having been declared the second best in this pageant, what are your plans?
Right now, I think Silverbird has to decide on that as the organizers of the pageant.
But Iíll be going to other countries for the international pageant like the Miss ECOWAS, and Miss Universe. Right now, Iím going to face the Miss Universe because itís coming up in May and Iím the one going for the pageant. There are other things I stand to get. Right now I canít decide, Silverbird decides it for me.

What are your Beauty routines?
I think the important thing is for you to be able to know what you want and want to go after it. Basically, it has to do with the mind. I think I eat everything but I donít take too much of everything. I just take little of everything. Also, I do some aerobics in the house.
Did you have that in mind before you started having the dream to come out to participate in a pageant?
Well, Iím particularly not a very big person. Iíve not really been doing much but since I knew I was going to take part in the pageant, I had to do my best and I had to enrol and start going to the gym once in a while like three times a week. I got used to it and Iíve continued with the practice.

Do you have a particular routine geared towards preparing you for the Miss Universe? And does Silverbird have any thing they have in store for you about preparations for the pageant?
I canít say much about the Miss Universe pageant now. What I can say is that I have a sort of preparation for myself and Silverbird is preparing me as well. But itís coming up very soon. I donít know what they are going to do yet, but I guess they are doing something in respect to that.
Universe pageant is going to hold at Ecuardo. I think in South America. Thatís where the pageant is going to be held.

Have you been abroad before?
No. I havenít. This is a very big opportunity for me not only to travel because I love travelling but, also to be exposed to different things and different culture. Going out there, interacting with different people from different culture. Itís going to be a wonderful time for me.

How much do you know Nigeria?
Well. I have been to some parts of the country and think Nigeria is really developing, so many places that are really developing right now. Last time I went to Abuja and I can say that it is a beautiful place.
Which other part of the country have you been that excited you so much?

None. Abuja excited me so much. Because I saw development. The environment was very clean, very conducive. Itís a place you can go and relax. Itís not like the hustling and bustling in Lagos.
You won a special award in that pageant. What was it?
It was the Most Beautiful Smile sponsored by My-my toothpaste. The smile attracted a trip to London.
Thinking about this trip, will this encourage you to smile more?
Smiling has always been part of me. So, I smile all the time because Iím a happy person.
Does smile equate to happiness?

Yes, itís very easy for you to smile when youíre happy. You smile. Smiling is when youíre really happy and Iím a happy person naturally. So, I smile all the time.
How do your friends feel about you conquest?
My friends are happy for me. Theyíve always been supportive. Theyíve always tried to make me realize my dream and urged me to go for it. They are all happy. They are very proud of me.
Do you have a boyfriend?

No. I donít have a boyfriend right now.
Is it an invitation to bid?
I think I basically want to go into studies and my ambition first. The issue of a boyfriend would come up sometime. But right now, I do one thing first and that is education and ambition.

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