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Ibori rebuilds Kaduna court wall

Posted by By KENNY ASHAKA, Kaduna on 2007/12/30 | Views: 860 |

Ibori rebuilds Kaduna court wall

Ex-governor of Delta state, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, has reacted to the action of his supporters at the Federal High Court in Kaduna describing the pulling down of the court’s wall as uncalled for.

Ex-governor of Delta state, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, has reacted to the action of his supporters at the Federal High Court in Kaduna describing the pulling down of the court’s wall as uncalled for.

One of the aides of former governor who refused to have his name in print told Sunday Sun that Ibori was so sad that he ordered the immediate reconstruction of the felled wall and an apology to the Federal High Court authorities.

Ibori’s aide made the disclosure after visiting the former governor at the Kaduna Central Prison Thursday just as the authorities of the Prison spoke for the first time opened up on the conditions under which the ex-governor’s stays in the prison.
Ibori two weeks ago lost his bid to regain freedom as the Federal High Court sitting in Kaduna refused his bail application.

Following the court ruling, a mild drama ensued when supporters of the former governor went wild and pulled down a portion of the Federal High Court fence while others began to strip themselves.
But Ibori, according to the aide who spoke to Sunday Sun, took particular exception to the two actions, saying “the actions were despicable and could not have been done in his own interest.
“He (former governor) was very disturbed when he was told. So, he directed that the wall of the court be reconstructed immediately. One of us has liaised with the Federal High Court officials and I think it has been reconstructed now.

“We have also conveyed his apologies to the authorities of the court and undertaken that if they come at all, they would be orderly. Ibori had ordered that they be kept at bay if they cannot be stopped from coming to the Federal High Court.”

Meanwhile, authorities at Kaduna Central Prison have described as "speculative, malicious and wicked" reports that the erstwhile governor of Delta State was being given preferential treatment in prison.
The Kaduna state Comptoller of Prisons, Momohj Salau Momodu, who spoke with newsmen in Kaduna Thursday, said contrary to reports that Ibori bought air conditioner and a generating set, “The former governor has been using facilities in prison."

He said: “It is not true that Ibori is being given preferential treatment. He still uses the normal prison facilities. In the first place, Ibori is not a convict, but a suspect on ATM (Awaiting Trial).
“The prison is for reformation and not for punitive measures. It is the duty of the prison officials to make the place habitable and comfortable for all prison inmates. That he stays alone in one room is also not true.
"Rather, he shares where he is staying in prison with other inmates because if we decides to give him a room, it means we are keeping him in solitary confinement. You cannot be a suspect in solitary confinement for psychological reasons.

“Of course, we cannot build a Government House for him in prison. But he is entitled to visitors, just like any other inmate. However, for security reasons, because of his status, visitors apart from his family members, lawyers and doctors are properly screened before being allowed in.

“Even when such is done, the onus is still on him (Ibori) to indicate those he wants to see. Ibori applied for his food to be cooked for him by his people and it was granted. Then some papers said his food is always from NICON Hilton Hotel. Imagine the distance from Kaduna.”

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Sokari doesn’t mean joy. Joy is Biobela. Go to the village and ask the meaning of the name.

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