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Ordu, self-confessed marine priest, reveals:

Posted by By PATRICK ASONYE & OLUWATOYIN AKINOLA on 2007/11/13 | Views: 3284 |

Ordu, self-confessed marine priest, reveals:

Before he became a minister in God’s vineyard, Ogochukwu Elias Ordu, 43, was Chief Priest in the underwater cult.

How we cause deaths on highways

Before he became a minister in God’s vineyard, Ogochukwu Elias Ordu, 43, was Chief Priest in the underwater cult.
There, he acquired ‘supernatural’ powers from 22 sub-cult groups, to do and undo, majoring, as it were, in evil. Nicknamed Iyi (River) in the marine world, his devious influence was not a mere modicum, as he admitted in Lagos last week.

Together with other members he simply described as “prominent personalities”, they would remotely cause accidents on highways, just to spill blood, and satisfy the yearnings of their lord and master - the devil.

Though he was already a Chief and wealthy by his village standard, the craving for power, supernatural power that is, led him to enlist in the cult group.

But today, Ordu is in chains for good reasons. Having been “arrested” a few years ago by the spirit of God, the native of Ukala Okpunor in Oshimili North council of Delta State is now wining souls for the Lord under the banner of Pillar of Victory Ministry.

Sunday Sun encountered him November 4, at the Oasis of Grace Bible Church, FESTAC Town, Lagos, where he gave a chilling testimony of his evil past. It was at a special programme of the Church hosted by Pastor James G. Okocha.
Bellow are excerpts:

Crave for power
“My name is Ogochukwu Elias Ordu, I’m from Ukala Okpunor in Oshimili North Local Government of Delta State. I’m 43 years old. I joined the cult group because I was looking for power. Having joined, I rose to become a Marine Priest. I was both a Marine Chief Priest and a Chief in my village.
By the way, I am from Delta State, Oshimili North Local Government Area –Ukala Okpunor, to be precise. Why I am stating my village is that anybody can go and verify. My alias then was Iyi (River). Even at Isele Ukwu, anybody you ask of Iyi would bring you to me. The difference now is that I am an Oracle of God.
As a Marine Priest, I was very powerful. We had what we called elements in the spiritual kingdom. I was at the 22nd element. I could hold a Wizard, and it cannot move. Immediately I joined, the members were excited. They said, ‘yes, this is the kind of person we want in our kingdom.’
That’s why they made me second in command. I want to state categorically, however, that there is nothing there. No benefit whatsoever!
A friend took we there. He said since I was already comfortable, I would become very wealthy as a member. Anything I wanted, I would get. Any height I aspired to attain, it was as easy as anything. I had many cars and my friend could come take anyone for use.
But the mistake I made was not asking him why he wasn’t wealthy, as a member of the cult group. The same guy assured me that if I joined, I would be a multi-millionaire. I first day I visited them, all of them rose to welcome me.
You see, the fact remains that there are many of them who claim to be members of the cult, but they are just at the periphery. They have never entered the inner chambers. Many of them are bench warmers. They are largely at the gate; they have not entered the room. So they don’t know what is going on inside.
When I entered, the man at the head of the place said to me: ‘Mr. Man, because of your position, we hereby make you second in command’.
Unfortunately, after two years, I found out that I was not doing well again. Because of the wrong covenant I entered there. Because I joined them to eat some evil things, immediately I ate those things, it poisoned my system, and my wealth began to disappear.

Types of witches
In the kingdom of darkness, we have different kinds of planets and witches. We have the white witches, physical ones and the marine witches. The marine witch is the most powerful of them, the ordinary village witch is nothing beside a marine witch. But it is the herbalist that can identify them, and to do that he has to be part of them.
I belonged to the Lanterns (this is Indian power). I also belonged to other cults, like the Eket, Eze-Udene (in Aguleri), Eckankar and Ogboni. I was in 22 altogether.
One thing that we all had in common was the quest for power. Though they say people join to get rich, what actually happens is that, for instance, if I’m selling iron rods and I’m in Ogboni, all the other members will come and buy from me and I will become rich. That is just the secret of the so-called wealth.

Modus operandi
We didn’t have need to go to the highways to suck blood or cause accidents as such. We mainly did sacrifices for people, like asking them to bring human bones, goats and vultures to make concoctions for them. After making the concoctions, we summon certain powers to make it work.
I never went to the main road to cause accident but we did something like that indirectly. For instance, if the spirit of death is after someone, we can take the person to the highway and bathe the person there and make sacrifices. By doing that, that spirit is being transferred to the road. So, from there, accidents can occur.
That spirit can also be transferred to a goat, that’s why you see some stray goats around. The bewitched goat can go to the highway and cause accidents.

Power fades
There was a woman that was living with me; she had four children for me. I had tried to pay her dowry but her people refused to collect. So this was the woman that was used against me.
There was a land issue in the village on which I spoke the truth and they didn’t like it. So all the wizards in the village gathered against me and looked for all sort of ways to get me but they couldn’t, until they came in through that woman and another brother of mine. This particular brother slept with my woman and, immediately I slept with her, all my power disappeared, and they started dealing with me.
Of course, I had suspected that something fishy was going on but due to the closeness of that brother I couldn’t really work with my information.
So when they started dealing with me, I went to my shrine and challenged the idol there that it could not help me, rather it was watching me suffer. I said I would not serve it any longer and closed up the place. Then my mother asked me where I was going and I told her I was going to look for power. That day I took my Bible and went looking for a church; I made up my mind that I wanted to give my life to Christ.
The first church I found was the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, and that was where I gave my life to Christ.

But when I received Christ, they planned to kidnap me. They actually did, but one man saved me. They kept me inside the car, but forgot to lock the car. Then one voice told me open the car; I opened it and that was how I escaped. I later met a pastor who rescued me and brought me to Lagos. In Lagos, I fasted for one year and six months. I was asking God for power, so that I can fight back. For that period, I only drank tea and pap on Saturdays and Sundays.
With the proper power now, I traveled to my village after three years. My family urged me not to go home, that they would destroy me.
At about 2am one day, someone knocked on my door. I asked ‘who is that’? The man was our zonal chairman in that cult group. He was very destructive. He said ‘you’re our guy’, and I told him, ‘I have rejected you. I don’t know you. Christ is my Lord now’.
My mother wanted to open the door. I told them not to open it. So, we argued it for some time. I complained to the police later. The police commissioner, rather than take action against the persons that came to threaten me at an unholy hour, proposed that we sit on round table to resolve the matter. He was understandably a member of the cult group. That’s why he acted that way. He urged me not to make the matter public.
One of the members addressed me as ‘boss’ but I rejected the appellation. I denied him. Eventually, we had an agreement that I would not be harmed. They now beckoned on me to join them in their car.
It was like a mockery to me when they asked whatever happened to my fleet of car. That was when I realized that I had ruined myself.
But I was consoled by the fact that the good Lord would promote me, and give me a better car.
The Lord has given me what would bring the car. Back home, they came again to me; to try my God. They said they gave me one year to see what I’d be. Today, all their about 27 chieftaincy titles are no more.

Personalities in the cults
There are a lot of prominent people there, that’s why they have zonal headquarters and branches all over. We do have some so-called pastors there but those are not genuine men of God. You know some people are there to make money, it is such kind that you’ll find in cults. I can’t mention names now, I will do that later.
Now my work is to break curses and covenants (family, village town etc). And I have the mandate to reach out to my people. I’ve been assigned to preach and set the captives free in Aniocha North and South, Oshimili North and South and in Asaba.

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