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SERIAL RAPIST! • Forces nine-year-old girl into marathon sex in Ibadan

Posted by By NGOZI UWUJARE, Ibadan on 2005/04/20 | Views: 2473 |

SERIAL RAPIST! • Forces nine-year-old girl into marathon sex in Ibadan

A man said to be on the run from a rape allegation in Ekiti State has turned up in Ibadan, six years later, to cause yet another sex mayhem. He tied up a nine-year old girl and had marathon sex with her.

A man said to be on the run from a rape allegation in Ekiti State has turned up in Ibadan, six years later, to cause yet another sex mayhem. He tied up a nine-year old girl and had marathon sex with her.

Incidentally, his alleged victim in the Ekiti incident was another underaged 12-year-old girl. Now it seems the police have a serial rapist on their hands.

It may sound incredible, but at Ayegun compound in Oniyanrin, Ibadan, one Adewale Olasupo, 44, allegedly had carnal knowledge of 9-year old Kadijatu Musibau in what family, neighbours and the police have come to described as marathon sex, rape and defilement of an innocent, underaged girl.

He sneaked in through the window
Kadijatu had woken up that Thursday, April 7, 2005, without premonition that the much cherished virginity – which she was even too innocent to know anything about - was destined for violation.
A pupil of St Patrick Primary School, Abebi, Ibadan, Kadijatu had suddenly stirred up in the middle of the night to see just as Olasupo, a co-tenant in the compound, was sneaking to their room through the window. It was around 1.00am and he immediately pounced on her. She came fully awake as he tied her up with a piece of cloth with which he also covered her mouth to muffle whatever noise she would make.
That accomplished in a flash, Olasupo allegedly went down on the girl – forcefully having sex with her many times over.

It was paining me
Speaking, Kadijatu Musibau recalls the event to Saturday Sun: “I slept in time with my younger sister in the same room. It was around 1.00am when Boda Adewale (Olasupo) jumped in through the window and entered our room and did it to me”.
Kadijatu said she kept struggling until she was getting tired. “It was when it was paining me and I could not push him off and it kept paining me, that I started screaming for people to come and help me”.
Her scream jolted her step-mother up from sleep. Other neighbours also woke up and rushed to the room. They were just quick enough to catch the sex-maniac before he could jump out of the window.
Kadijatu further stated that she “never knew Adewale in the house. I have never encountered such sex in my life. I can’t walk very well now. It was Adewale who forced me to have sex with me”, she added.

Accused was a friend of victim’s father
Saturday Sun investigations later revealed that the accused had only moved into the compound a few days earlier. But he had been a friend of the victim’s father, Olobi Musibau, who had, in fact, facilitated his packing into the compound.
Incidentally, Musibau said he was not around when the incident occurred, adding that it was his wife who told him the full story.
“My wife came and told me how my friend raped my little girl. Adewale was my friend. We are commercial drivers. Adewale just moved to the house a week ago through me. I learnt that Adewale passed through the window and had sex with my little girl”, he told Saturday Sun with noticeable regret in his tone.

Musibau continued: “Kadijatu’s mother died three years ago. It was when my little girl was screaming at that spot that my nieghbours quickly came to the scene and arrested Adewale. Later, the case was reported at the Mokola Police station.
“I had carried my little girl to Adeoyo State Hospital, Yemetu, Ibadan, where the doctor confirmed that Kadijatu was raped and was defiled by Adewale (Olasupo)”.
Musibau, however, said that he is grateful to the policemen at the Mokola Police Station for the efforts they had made in ensuring proper investigation and that the case was not quashed.

Incoherent suspect
The accused was however inconsistent as he attempted to present his side of the story. While denying defiling the girl, he seeks the face of God and forgiveness.
At the police station, Olasupo told Saturday Sun: “I never slept with her. I only passed through the window”. He would not, however, say what he went through the window to do in the girl’s room at 1.00 am, since he was not there to steal.
But his story soon took another turn: “This is the work of the devil. It is an act of satan”, he told Saturday Sun a few minutes later, adding: “I want the police officers to forgive me whatever I have done…“I am a married man. I never forced her to have sex. I have sinned against God”.

The law says it’s defilement
The DPO at the Mokola police station, Mrs Sybril Akinfenwa, told Saturday Sun that what Olasupo did is “sexual victimisation to the little girl”, even as she confirmed that Kadijatu was raped and defiled according to the doctor’s report. “It is rape, but it falls under defilement, Section 218 of the criminal code 1958”.
Akinfenwa, however, said the police would still have to act accordingly. “We cannot afford to close our eyes to it. The law must take its course. This is an abomination”, she fumed.

Habitual rapist
But sources close to the family of the Olasupos say the Kadijatu incident may not be the first time that Adewale’s name is being linked with rape and paedophilia. The father was said to have branded him a notorious criminal.

“He had raped a 12 year old at Ekiti state. He ran away to Ibadan, since then I have never set my eyes on him. That was over six years ago. He has raped several girls in the compound. We want him to face trial and the consequences what he has done”, said the father.

One of the neighbours, Femi Olayinka, who still found the whole thing hard to believe wondered why a married man would wake up in the dead of the night to rape a nine-year old.
“Adewale just moved into the compound a week earlier. He stays down stairs. How he managed to climb the window and rape the little girl, only God knows,” Olayinka said.

The neighbour eyewitness also confirmed that residents heard Kadijatu screaming around 1.30 a.m and quickly came out to the scene to help her, noting that it was also then that they arrested Adewale.
“We reported the case at Mokola Police Station. We only want justice to be done”, Olayinka told Saturday Sun.

The Commissioner of Police, Oyo State, Mr Moses Omo Anegbode, said he “was shocked when the information got to me”, adding: “This must not continue in our society. That culprit must be brought to book. We must charge him to court after our investigation. He will face the consequences.”

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