Nigeria Prison Population - 2015

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Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics indicates an increase in the prison population of Nigeria by 2015. The increase represents about 11.06 per cent growth in comparison to the overall prison population in 2014 which recorded 56, 059 persons.

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It is revealed in the data that, Lagos state has the highest prison population in the country with 6,522 inmates, closely followed by Kano and Rivers States with populations of 4,082 and 4,054 respectively.

Based on 2015 data, Lagos State has the highest number of un-sentenced detainees. The state recorded 5,603 un-sentenced detainees out of a prison population of 6,522, followed by Rivers and Edo States with 3,625 and 2,434 un-sentenced detainees.

Conversely, Yobe and Borno States had the least numbers of un-sentenced detainees of 163 and 216 out of a prison population of 562 and 603 respectively.

During the period under review, North- West had a total prison population of 12,246 with 7,050 as a total of un-sentenced inmates. This represents a 57.57 per cent of un-sentenced inmates. North-Central recorded a total prison population of 7,721 with 4,798 as a total of un-sentenced cases which represents 62.14 per cent.

North-East equally recorded a total of 7,467 inmates where 3,604 were un-sentenced which indicate a 48.27 per cent of un-sentenced persons.

In the South-East region, prisons received a total number of 8,906 inmates where 7,946 where un-sentenced, South-South had 13,136 persons in their prisons but 11,073 have been un-sentenced while South-West stood at 12,784 inmates in 2015 but 10,687 are not sentenced. SE, SS and SW recorded 89.22, 84.30 and 83.60 per cent for un-sentenced inmates respectively.

Overall, 72.53% of the prison population during the period under reference were un-sentenced.

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