Virgin Test For Lagos High School Girls

Posted by By Adewale Adeoye on 6/16/2002 12:57:12 PM
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Worried by the increasing cases of pregnancy among her SSS 1 girls, a missionary school at Ikeja, Lagos, plans to carry out virgin test tomorrow. One of the pupils, a 15-year old boy, rushed to me last Tuesday, threatening that he would take the school authorities to court. The little boy urged me to lead him to Mr. Femi Falana or Chief Gani Fawehinmi, so that he could seek legal redress.

The little boy asked some questions: who will carry out the pregnancy test on the school pupils? A male or female medical practitioner? Supposing the doctor is a man, what are the implications for the dignity of these little girls? Supposing the doctor is a woman, what right has she to peep into the privacy of these girls? Agreed the level of sexual indecency among school girls in Lagos is sky-bound, but the solution does not lie in using the girls as guinea pigs.

The virgin test also has serious implications for the health of the girls. Apart from the serious human rights and religious violations, it does not appear to me that the school authority here appreciates high social tension in the country and the sensibilities of the modern Nigerian to such a brute-like incursion into the privacy of young people.

I will be at the school tomorrow, let us hope they won't dare the students, some of whom have promised to vehemently oppose the virgin test.

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