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Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was born Jada, Adamawa State, on November 25, 1946. He attended Jada primary school from 1954 to 1960 and Adamawa Provincial Secondary School, Yola , From 1960 to 1965. His Advanced Level Studies were in Economics, British Economic History, Government and Hausa Language.

Atiku AbubakarHe later went on to the School of Hygiene, Kano from which he earned a Diploma of the Royal Society of Health. In 1967, he proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and graduated with a Diploma in Law. He Began his leadership Training in the radical students union politics of the 1960s, serving first as President Emeritus of the Students Union of the School of Hygiene, Kano and later as the Assistant Secretary General of the Ahmadu Bello University Students Union as well as Deputy Speaker of the students Parliament.

He joined the Customs and Excise Department in 1969 and rose to the rank of Deputy Director. In his 20yrs career in the customs ,he attended several courses in Leadership, Management and Drug Enforcement in Egypt, United States and Finland. He retired in 1989 and went into private business. In business he has investments in Oil Services, Insurance, Pharmaceutical Industries, Agriculture and Print Media. He was the Chairman of some seven companies before his election as Vice President.  

He has held since 1982 the traditional title of Turakin Adamawa and more recently Sardauna Ganye.

He is a sponsor and member of the finance committee of the World Constitution and Parliament Association; and Member World Citizens based in France. These associations dedicate themselves to promotion of world peace and understanding.

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