The Nigerian Armed Forces and Peace Keeping

Posted by on 10/27/2002 2:51:01 PM
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One of the major contributions of the armed forces of the modern Nigerian nation is its partici pation in peace keeping operations in various parts of the world. From Congo through Lebanon, Chad, Somalia, Rwanda and Yugoslavia to the more recent peaceenforcement operations in Liberia and Sierra Leone, the contributions of the Nigerian armed forces to these operations, despite casualties, has always been prompt. This underlines Nigeria's interest in peace and stability around the world but especially in Africa, which is the centerpiece of Nigeria's foreign policy drive.

The failure of political reengineering attempts in some African countries, violent border disputes, interstate aggression, civil wars, insurgencies and are some of frie circum stances that have been provoking largescale refugee flows in Africa, with the attendant threat to security and stability in many countries. The need for peace keeping, and sometimes peaceenforcement, has therefore become paramount to Nigeria. Material and human resources of the armed forces have been continually committed to these operations.

One significant gain, however, is that by participating in such operations, the armed forces have acquired new information, new technology and new skills that will be beneficial to attaining higher standards of professionalism.

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