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Oluwatosin laid to rest by schoolmates, amid tears

Posted by KAZEEM UGBODAGA on 6/20/2002 8:57:18 AM | Views: 240 |

Oluwatosin laid to rest by schoolmates, amid tears

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TEARS flowed freely on Tuesday as the body of the slain Miss Oluwatosin Adelugba of Keke High School, Agege, Lagos, was buried by her schoolmates, friends, relations and well-wishers.

The students, clad in their white and grey uniform wept uncontrollably as they conveyed Tosin’s body to Atan Cemetery, Yaba, Lagos for burial.

It was a solemn and sombre ceremony as the students led by their principal and some teachers gathered to pay last respects to Tosin who was allegedly shot dead by a police sergeant, Saka Ake, at Cele Bus Stop, Iju Akute on the outskirts of Lagos last week.

The students who carried Tosin’s remains all the way from Akute to Atan sang dirges as they lowered her into the grave around 2 p.m.

On Tuesday, the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO), in a statement, condemned the killing of the teenage student by a policeman.

The statement by its Women’s Rights Project (WRP) and signed by Ms Feyi Koya lamented that such a barbaric act came from a man who swore to defend the life and property of the people.

“It is ironic how the same person through recklessness and greed has taken the very life he swore to protect”, it stated, describing the incident as a gory tale.

The organisation stated that it was surprising that there were agents of the law who despite the war on corruption were still bent on pursuing their illegal and illicit trade.

“Rather than carrying out his official duties, he decides to solicit for bribe, not only propelled by greed but also an almost demi-god image of himself and lacking in judgement as to fire gunshots at a passenger-conveying bus.

“It has been alleged that the same gun-totaling policemen had last year been guilty of in similar offence but was set free,” CLO said.

The body queried, “how many more Tosins’ would erring land enforcement agents kill before the police authorities rise to the task of ridding itself of bad eggs?”

It argued that it was not just enough to mete out justice, but that more should be done to ensure that the average policeman on the street was rehabilitated considering the fact that their psyches had been battered over the years from military and “Gestapo-life” orientation.

CLO, which said the introduction of new and better salary packages would not be enough to check the excesses of police, opined that the newly-constituted Police Service Commission should, also, as a matter of urgency, recommend that the training curriculum of police trainees (recruits) into the Police Training Schools be updated by incorporating a number of courses in Human rights, Psychology, modern investigative procedures, among other.

According tot he statement, in addition to this, the police should be made to go through mandatory and regular Psychiatry, tests throughout their years of service.

“A combination of modern techniques/training and letter service and living conditions and salary packages would be taking steps in the right direction, while entry criteria into the Police Force should be revised to ensure that the bad eggs are not commissioned into the Police,” it added.