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Posted by on 1/30/2003 10:24:41 AM | Views: 1 |


Ekiti State is still very young but it is surely a state of the future. The state has a lot of natural resources that are yet to be tapped. Hence, the state government must set in motion a comprehen sive study of its solid mineral resources all over the state. Besides, forest resources are also available.

Government must improve the status of the existing forest reserves while efforts must be made to open up more reserves. While natural forest reserves could be established, attention should be paid more to fastyielding exotic tree species, especially teak (Tectona grandis) and puipwood (Gmelina arborea).

These trees now guarantee good market returns both locally and internationally. Ekiti State has many prospects in becoming a food basket in the future.

Government should improve the services of the ADP at IkoleEkiti and establish agrobased indus trial centres for the processing of food crops espe cially rice, maize and cassava. Since the govern ment has programmes for rural development and integration, all these will fall in line and pave way for a more prosperous state. Education is the pride of Ekiti State. The pres ent administration has promised free education.

It is, therefore, expected that the state, in the near future, will attain greater heights in its educational and manpower development. Ekiti State has a very bright future in tourism industry. The Ikogosi Warm Springs and the lpole Water Falls should be better developed and better managed. Besides, these resources could also be harnessed to produce potable "pure" water by set ting up an industry for this purpose.