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The State Government

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The State Government

Each of the thirty-six States that make up the Nigerian Federation is administered by a Chief Executive. The Chief Executive is the Governor of the State and is elected, like the president, to a four-year term of office in the first instance. The Governor is assisted in the discharge of his duties and responsfcilittes by a Deputy Governor. The Governor is empowered to appoint Commissionefs and Advisers and to assign responsteilittes to them. The Governor, Deputy Goveinor and Commissioners constitute the State Executive Council. They cannot be members of the State House of Assembly.

The State House of Assembly is the unicam eral legislature for the State. It comprise representatives from all the local government areas within the State, it exercises identical functions at the State level with those of the National Assembly at the Federal level. It makes laws for the good gov ernance of the State, and acts as a check and balance on the powers and actions of the State's Chief Executive. The House of Assembly of each State consists of three times the total number of seats which the State has in the House of Representatives.