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Geology: Kwara State is situated between parallels 8 and 10 north latitudes and 3 and 6 east longitudes. It has an elongated

State House of Assembly Complex, llorin
State House of Assembly Complex, llorin

shape running from west to east and covering an area of about 32,500 sq. km. The state has River Niger as its nat ural boundary along its northern and eastern margins and shares a common internal boundary with Niger State in the north, Kogi State in the east, Oyo, Ekiti and Osun States in the south and an international boundary with the Republic of Benin in the west.

It is therefore appropriate to say that the state is indeed a middlebelt state serving as a 'gateway' between the North and the South and in fact a "melting point" for the northern and southern cul tures n of a relatively flat and undulating land with interine and lacustrine deposits. spersed hills and valleys in parts of Baruten, Kaiama and Moro local government areas.

Global Soap and Detergent Indusries, llorin
Global Soap and Detergent Indusries, llorin

The Climate: The climate of the state is characterised by most spectacular landforms in the state include both the wet and dry seasons, each last Sobi hill at the outskirts of llorin, both OkeAgbanna ing for about six months.

The rainy season begins hill and Owu waterfalls in lfelodun, and a range of at about the end of March and lasts till October, hills near Kaiama town. The major rivers in the while the dry season begins in November and ends state include the Niger, which forms the natural in early March.

High Court of Justice, llorin
High Court of Justice, llorin

The total annual rainfall in the state boundary of the state in the north; Wessa, Moshi ranges from 800mm to 1,200mm in the northwest and Teshi in the northwestern parts of the state and and 1,000mm to 1,500mm in the southeast. The Rivers Asa, Awon, Oshin and Moro in the central state has a mean temperature of 30C35C. This areas of the state, range places the state within the transitional zone between the climate and vegetation types of the state.

Soils: A large proportion of the land area of the north and those of the south. state is characterised by ferruginous tropical soils on crystalline acid rocks. The northeastern part, Vegetation: The natural vegetation comprises particularly Edu and Patigi local government areas, guinea and derived savanna and rain forest.

The is dominated by red ferralsols on loose sandy sedi guinea savanna predominates in Baruten, Kaiama, ments, while the bank of River Niger is characterised by Moro, Asa, Patigi, Edu and lfelodun. Alluvial and hydromorphic soils on river savanna is a predominant feature of llorin South, llorin East, llorin West, Offa and part of Ekiti, Oke Ero, Irepodun, Isin, and Oyun local government areas; the last five have some lowland rain forest

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