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Education: The first Western educational primary school in Northern Nigeria was built at Lokoja in the 1860s. Idah local

The Statue depicting the '' Iron of Liberty ''
The Statue depicting the '' Iron of Liberty ''

government area had fifteen primary schools with 44,565 pupils enrolled, twentyone postprimary schools in 1991. In th same year, Dekina LGA had 124 primary schoo with 37,234 pupils enrolled, and twentyfour postprimary schools.

sixtyfive postprimary institutions in 1985/86 session, while Okene, Adavi, Okehi and Ajaokuta LGAs had thirtyseven postprimary institutions. All the Educational institutions deteriorated to their worst conditions between 1991 and 1999 as a result of inadequate funding.

Health: The state has thirteen General Hospitals located at Lokoja, Okene, Obangede, Kabba, Isanlu, Ogori, Mopa, Kotonkarfe, Dekina, Idah, lyale, Ankpa and Oguma. Three of these hospitals at Lokoja, Kabba and Obangede have the African Development Bank Specialist Programme inherited from Kwara State.

Thirteen General Hospitals are inadequate to serve the needs of twentyone local government areas in the state since distance is an important factor in the accessibility of health care services and the chances of immediate treatment and recovery of emergency patients.

Water Supply: Major sources of water supply are the Lokoja waterworks, Ekuku dam water treat ment plant at Okene and

European Cemetery, Lokoja
European Cemetery, Lokoja

Idah township water works. There are other water works at Ankpa Dekina, Oboroke, AiyetoroGbede and Kotonkarfe The now defunct Directorate of Foods, Roads anc Infrastructure (DFRRI) rehabilitated twentytwo rural water supply schemes and fifteen water points in the state. But these are not adequate for the needs of the people in the state. Thus, water supply is a critical problem in the young state.

Electricity Supply: The following settlement are supplied with electricity: Felele, Iffe, Ikoyi, Ogid lgbagun, Ukpogoro, Kotonkarfe, Dekina, lnyologL Ejegbo, Anyigba, Ejule and Egume (Audu, 1992).

Transport and Communications: Most of the Federal, State and rural roads in the state were poor condition before rehabilitation recently. Some township roads at Lokoja, Okene, Kabba, Egbt it Ankpa, Egume and KotonKarfe were poorly rehabilitated. Intersettlement roads rehabilitate include: Lokoja Ganaja Ajaokuta; Okene EikE Otakpe; Isanlu PonyanIffe Olukotun;

Dekine OdenyiOguma and lbanaOkpoEtte Roads. Som Federal roads rehabilitated include the Okene LokojaAbuja and IdahOdoluNsukka roads. The defunct Directorate of Food, Roads an Rural Infrastructure, DFRRI, constructed 1,500 kilometres of rural roads in the state. Ayangb Agricultural Development Project (AADP) cor a structed feeder roads from Alloma to Akpanyf Adoru, Avrugo and Ameke.

Tourism and Recreation: Kogi State Tourist and Hotels Company Limited was established promote tourism in the state. The state government plans to fully harness the high potentials of tourist including the development of historical land marl at Lokoja.

Important geographical features such as the NigerBenue confluence, hills, plateaus, water falls, warm springs, Mount Patti, Lord Lugard's residence, old cemeteries, World War Cenotaph, Awo tunnel, Aafin Kabba, Odogo Tower and Ojuwo Atogwu.There are different types of hotel and guest houses in nine LGAs in the state, including, high quality "multiplestar" hotels at Lokoja.

Judicial Administration: In the administration of justice, five new high courts have been established at Ajaokuta, Anyigba, Dekina, Isanlu and Kotonkarfe and two Sharia Courts of Appeal opened at Anyigba and Kabba.

Mass Communication: The state government has established a television station at Lokoja, and the 50 kilowatt AM radio station at Ochaja, which was inherited from Benue State, has been activated. The government also started the publication of its own newspaper, The Graphic, to improve mass communication in the state.

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