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Economic Climate: Economic development policy in Kano State is aimed at achieving a sus tained increase in industrial growth through identify ing and utilising to the maximum available of poten tial materials, and fostering interaction between industrial, agricultural and other social and economic sectors. Policy is also aimed at dispersal of industrial and commercial resource centres in rural and semirural areas. In Kano metropolis, there is the development and expansion of Sharada Industrial Estate (Phases 1111), Challawa Industrial Estate (Phases 1 III) and the Hadejia, Zaria and Katsina Roads Industrial areas. Kano has a whole range of services: banks and financial institutions; building, civil engineering and construction companies; business management, borehole drilling and water consult ants; cargo, air freight and coastal services, chattered accountants, cleaning contractors and environmentalists, clearing and forwarding agents, estate agents and property valuers, insurance and brokerage firms, legal practitioners, packaging and containers, security services, transport and haulage companies, et cetera. These services, plus the vast pool of low and middle level manpower pro duced annually from the technical and polytechnic schools and the Bayero University's Faculties of Science and Technology are major backups for industrial development. Kano has a large market and is well connected with the rest of the country and the outside world for material and product movements. The state has a virile Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (KAC CIMA). PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTURE Government's awareness of the social and economic decline in the state is evident. And it is the goal of the current administration to restore and sustain effective and functional economic growth, development and social justice, as well as the social and cultural values. The key word in all cases is Rehabilitation. The government plans to bring back agriculture to its pivotal role as the mainstay of the local econ omy and as source of employment. This is to be achieved through rehabilitation and restoration of groundnut, cotton, cowpeas, rice, wheat, guinea corn, millet, et cetera production, through pursuit of improved practices, seeds and storage, and the expansion of irrigation works. This focus on agri culture and the decision to provide incentives for rural industrialisation in form of five year tax holiday, free industrial plot, free consultancy services and land for building staff quarters will also support moral development of the populace. Rehabilitation works will affect the education and health sectors. As regards the former, the plan is to rehabilitate classrooms, laboratories, A science teachers in particular. Government is also , hoping to go into partnership with parents to restore discipline and qualitative education. For the latter, I in addition to the rehabilitation of infrastructure, a major step is the planned reintroduction of sanitary inspectors and the involvement of publicspirited individuals through the Community Health Support ; System in health provision. f At the heart of social welfare and youth development is the institution of the Board for Religious and Social Affairs. The Board has been charged with the burden of giving proper attention to the t soliciting and administration of zakkat in order to regulate destitution and street begging. Also, it is to encourage the participation of women, on equal footing with men, in government and other sectors of the state's economy. The Water Resources, Engineering and Construction Agency (WRECA) and the state's Water and Rural Water Supply Agency (RUWASA) are to be strengthened to boldly address the problems of water supply in urban and rural areas. Abandoned projects, including the Kano State i Investment Building, Magwan Restaurant, Murtala i Mohammed Library and Abuja Liaison Office are to be visited. Already, decision has taken to lease i some of the state's property such as the Daula Hotel, Magwan Water Restaurant, Bagauda Lake Hotel and the Investment Building, in the govern f ment's drive towards privatisation. In the industrial sector, given the downturn in f industrial growth, the government plans, among a other remedial programmes, to involve the private sector in the exploration and exploitation of solid minerals. In order to receive feedback on government's j programmes, policies and activities and, indeed, { any other information that may facilitate good governance, the state government has placed the 'Kano State Government Citizens' Suggestion Box. School of Social and Rural Development in strate gic institutions and locations throughout the state.

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