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Economic Climate: With each of the six successive administrations since the early 1960s, the economic climate of the country, and that of Kaduna State in particular, got worse. However, gradual political reorganisation and a return to democratic rule have been calming the stormy economic climate.

Also, all the three tiers of goverment (LGAs, State and Federal), have adopted the policy of pursuing vigorous diversification of the economy. Thus, efforts are now being made to ensure healthy economic envinronment through peaceful social and political co-existence within and between States. Specifically, Kaduna State has instituted agen cies to cater for the interests of local, national and foreign entrepreneurs/ industrialists.

Mainly, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry arm of the State Government is now charged with the responsibility of maintaining a good economic climate. In order to promote industrial/commercial enterprises, the State Government has put in place several infra structural facilities.

For example, in Kaduna and Zaria, up to seven and four industrial estates, respectively, have been laid out and provided with access roads, water and power. Other incentives include pioneer status scheme for newly established industries in order to survive the initial capital outlay and other related problems.

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