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Historical Development: In 1976, when the General Murtala Mohammed administration created seven new states in Nigeria, North Central State, with capital at Kaduna, was renamed Kaduna State. It was made up of the two colonial period Provinces of Zaria and Katsina.

When in 1991, the number of states in the country was increased from twentyone to thirty, Katsina Province became Katsina State, while the old Zaria Province became the new Kaduna State. There are twenty three local government areas (LGAs) in the state, although the number of ethnic groups is much larger.

Lugard Hall currently serving as the Governor's Office, Kaduna
Lugard Hall currently serving as the Governor's Office, Kaduna

Administrative Areas: Administration of the state started with the concept of Provincial Administration and Native/Local Authority systems. However, in 1976 the Mohammed Administration introduced the Local Government Area LGA system which delegated some responsibilities to the elected/appointed councillors.

With each successive Federal Military Administration, the number of the LGAs in Kaduna State increased from fourteen in early 1980s to the present twenty three in 1998. Table 18.1 gives their listings and respective head quarters. In each LGA, smaller units such as districts and wards, are recognised.

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