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Posted by wendy Nwokedi on 11/11/2003 11:26:15 AM |

Written by: wendy Nwokedi

This is not really a joke but I don't know anyhow else to contact you guys. You are doing a good job but you need to improve. I have read with dismay some gramatical and typographic errors in your jokes. Please edit a bit more before you post the jokes.
I'd like to suggest that you categorize your jokes so that people are informed of the sort of joke in each category and can only read such if they are interested. You need to do this especially for your sex jokes. I read them unintentionally and they are off putting to say the least. I know some people enjoy them and so you need categories, for instance - religious, family, sex,kids, etc
All said and done you have a great site. Cheers

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