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remedis wahala

Posted by kelvin obazee Esosa on 11/11/2003 10:47:02 AM |

Written by: kelvin obazee Esosa

i con happen say one time weh all this remedis guys dey 4 studio dey sing { them name na-- edris abdulkareem, tony tetula, eddie remedy,etc}and that time leg never pain tony tetula as them come dey sing 4 studio mainwhy edris wear one bata weh get nail under so as them dey sing, every body dey rap one by one, so when e come rich edris time to rap nahim the guy come start to rap{jubri jubri jajajajajaj}na so him con 4get him self him con use him bata mach tony oooo 4 him right leg.
since then tony right leg do dey pain oooooo.
weh the guy come out of hospital na him con sing this song {if i see u far away away my heart go jigijigi bambam what if you try to mach my left leg u go turn me to criple}
people na my joke be this oooooooooooooooooo.

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