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Its over

Posted by Adebanjo Kehinde on 11/11/2003 9:18:28 AM |

Written by: Adebanjo Kehinde

A tescher was in the class teaching his students when he felt like drinking pailm wine. As he was going, he told the students to draw a goat eating leaves until he comes back, the student responded saying yes sir. As the teacher left for his palm wine, all other students were busy drawing but this guy didn't do the damn thing. So when the teacher drunkenly rushed in with his cane,he asked the students what he told them to do. He then faced the boy and said
Teacher: Wht are'nt you doing anything
Student: Sir when the goat saw you with the cain it ran away.
The teacher was pleased.
Teacher: Then where are the leaves
Student: Sir the goat ate everything before your arrival.
And the Idioit was finally pleased with him

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