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don't change your look

Posted by lola on 10/12/2003 11:30:44 PM |

Written by: lola

There was a woman who got sick and died a few days then she went to heaven after she got to the gate of heaven she met angel gabriel and he told her to wait so he could check her file, so he went to jesus and jesus said she still has 30 years to live then she was sent back to earth.when she went back to earth she realise she was getting older and wanted a surgery she did a face lift and surgery in her tommy so she could look younger so after the surgery she look totaly different, she left the hospital and when she got outside the hospital she was hit by a car and she died so she got to heaven and ask GOD "BUT I STILL HAVE THIRTY YEARS TO LIVE"then God told her"that was you you? i never knew it was you, you look different" and then she finally died.

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