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Posted by DIKADI B.C. on 10/9/2003 7:12:31 PM |

Written by: DIKADI B.C.

It happened that an old man in the Isoko speaking part of Delta went 4 a party. During the party, his bike became missing. He then met the M.C. and demanded passing across a very vital information to the peolpe.
His info. goes his way; please if you know u took my bike, pls return it ooooooo so thet what happened last year ill not hap. again ooooooo. he sounded this warning for 3 times and went to seat down. The people that stole the byke became afraid and returned it. The man came out and announced that he has seen his bike and as such what hap. last year will not hap. again. when he was asked what hap. last year that would have hap., he said that last yr his bikle was stolen in a party and he had to go home with leg

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