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Posted by ENDY BLESSED on 9/20/2003 11:13:55 AM |

Written by: ENDY BLESSED

behold!!!, there was peace in the city of warri until the arrival of christainity.
one day, the uhrobo and itsekiri where in a church. praying that GOD should do miracles, the pastor who is an itsekiri man went into spirit and started speaking in togue,"ara ba ba sa ba shima,uro ko ko kill them,dan ba ba destroy,uh ro ro bo uhrobo scatter, shima shima, uhrobo scatter" he went on screaming on top of his voice" "uhrobo scatter, ha!!, the lord is God all the time".to this pastor surprise, when he open his eyes, there were dead people everywhere in the church and outside the church were sounds of gunshot.ka ta ka ta, this man flew.

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