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My girlfriend and her beaucoup banks

Posted by Vivian on 3/24/2016 12:57:31 PM |

Written by: Vivian

I have been dating ‘HER’ for over 3months now and everything is going fine. So last week I decided to invite her to my place, and she came. When we were together, her phone rang but she refused to pick her call, and I asked her why she didn’t pick. She said nothing, and for me to check who had called her. I saw ‘SterlingBank calling'; and I begged her to pick, may be the Bank wants to give US money. After that, another call was coming in, ‘GTB calling’, she
ignored it. UBA followed and I picked it but the caller didn’t talk and I cut the call.

A minute later, FirstBank calling, she put it on hold; when ZenithBank called, she shouted at ZenithBank. When FidelityBank was calling, she rejected the call. Later after an hour, one call entered her phone singing John Legend’s song; just to check who called her, I saw ‘CBN’, and she picked it and answered the call
well. Later when I asked her, she said that one of her Uncle working there used the office landline to call her. I said Ok.
Few minutes later, WorldBank called and she was so Happy to pick the call. After she had finished receiving the call, I picked up my phone to flash her number…
Guess what I saw….?!

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