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Posted by Nwangwu Chukwudi on 5/28/2012 10:35:20 AM |

Written by: Nwangwu Chukwudi

three men igbo, hausa and yoruba went into the bush and was caught  by the red indians they were told that they re going to be killed instantly but after a long ABEG the indians  decied to let them go only on one condition that they will bring ten pieces of any fruit they like and they(indians) will put it through their anus one after the other until all ten enters and if any of them make any sound in the process he will be killed. so the yoroba man was fisrt and he brought ten palm nut when they(indans) inserted up to the nineth one he cried and was killed. the igbo man brought ten stawberry fruit and all ten was inserted but him didn"t cry rather he was laughing but the indians asked he while he was laughing he said,'' i was the hausa man coming with pine apple''.

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