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Posted by jeje-moses on 5/25/2012 7:30:15 AM |

Written by: jeje-moses

A man came 4rm a forgn country with his dog,very imprtant pet to him calld Bravo aftr a period of tme d dog died,d man was very angry nd decided to give d dog a befitn he went to a church in nigeria met a pastor nd said.''i came 4rm America with my dog to nigeria nd my dog died.the pastor flt so pity on him nd told him sorri he told d pastor he wnts d church to buri d dog.d pastr repld wit angr... ''my frnd dis church is nt 4 animals i mean dogs is 4 humans''d man answrd ,pastr i dnt kw hw u see d dog but to me its like a baby to me.the pastor got angry wit d young man told him to leav d office.the yung man told d pastr pls direct me to de church dat wil accpt me 4 25 thousndd dollars ,pastr repld young man wat did u say 25th dollars wat is evn wrong with u,y didn't u tell me dat ur dog was a christian i tut bravo was a muslem.....

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