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name of father and mother

Posted by b2b4love on 5/18/2012 4:50:09 AM |

Written by: b2b4love

A boy go to school after 8, dat is he is already late. Head master and the boy have coversation. HM: why are you late? Boy: my father delayed me sir. HM: What is the name of your father? Boy: mad. HM:{Surprise}ha what of your mother? Boy: stupid. HM: i mean their real name? Boy: i dont knw another with them exept that. HM: ok go to your class. Boy: 10q sir. Head master now went to go and find out, he now see that any time the father want to talk to their children he wil said 'go to your stupid mother' and any time mother want to talk to them she wil said 'go to your mad father'

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