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Mumu Squared

Posted by OmoSexy(ESQ) on 4/12/2012 12:24:07 PM |

Written by: OmoSexy(ESQ)

Boy drops girl at home, he puts his hand on d wall by d gate for support, leans towards her and says "can I kiss u"?
Girl; Not now, I'm at home
Boy; please
Girl ; No
Boy; u were too sweet in bed 2day
Girl: waoh! u too, full of energy. I culd not believe we had 4 rounds.
Boy: let me kiss u gudnite
Girl: someone may be watching, they still think I'm a virgin at home.
This goes on for 10 mins
Then girl's brother appears at d gate and says;
"Dad says whether u kiss him or not its ur decision, but tell that bastard to remove his hand from the intercom button, everyone at home is listening to ur conversation!

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